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21 Mar 2015

Shaman Wedding - Welcome! Part II

In the Shaman Wedding the most common and well known ceremony is "Handfasting". 
It is an ancient, Norweigian tradition. Hands are put together as a sign of an agreement. 
The agreement can be made for a day or a year, for life, forever or for that long there is love. 
This union represents a spiritual and love agreement. 
From this tradition comes an everyday, common habit to shake hands 
as a sign of an agreement.

In handfasting a couple designs three ribbons: One ribbon to represent each one of them and 
one to represent their journey together. In the ritual they hold each others hands 
and the ribbons are wrapped around their arms. Knots are not made, that symbolizes
 that the two are there for their free will. While wrapping the vows are said. 
Also rings can be changed.

This couple decided to make brands, too. The sign is a swan and this beautiful bird 
is a symbol for a monogamy and a marriage that will last for a lifetime.
 It is also the national bird of Finland.

The wedding bands are rings Amate from the 
nannasalmi collection.

After eating, drinking, singing and dancing the guests went to sleep in "kotas", tipi-like huts.
The moon was full and the night was like magic.

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