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10 Mar 2015

Babies and Bracelets

New babies in the family make you think about the future and the past. 
They make you wonder what kind of heritage they are left with,
what kind of values you should pass on them... 

New babies make you realize how much there would be to teach them about the world.
You can feel almighty and absolutely insufficient at the same time.

After all, love and caring are the best and the most important things to give.
You can also give memories, happiness and a joyful childhood for the youngest ones. 

This little man stands for the 5th generation in our family. He inspired Nanna Salmi
to create something for the new borns in the horse loving families.
It is a perfect gift from the god parents, grandparents or anyone who
loves the baby.

Baby bracelet Bebé is made of white and pink or baby blue dyed stock hair.
You can have it in silver, gold or white gold. Engraving, diamonds and high quality
zircons can be added.


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