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15 Nov 2017

Best Christmas Present Ever!

 Horses and ponies... No matter what time a year, they
are on our minds. And yes, we would like to have them around
us, every day, forever!

nannasalmi horsehair jewellery makes that possible!

Give delighting, truely touching and memorable gift:
fine jewelry with a woven tail hair ribbon made with her or his
own horse´s tail hair.

You will receive the item gift wrapped, ready to be given.

Ring Amate, classisc and stylish
woven ribbon 3 mm 

Tuum,  woven ribbon 6 mm
Tuum is massive, good choice for a man.
Inside surface of all the rings is convex, that makes them more
comfortable to wear.

With or without stones, your choice...

Woven tail hair ribbon 6 mm

Woven tail hair ribbon 9 mm,  64 hand bedded 
Swarovskies or diamonds

Cufflinks Polo,  Woven tailhair ribbon 3 mm

These and many, many more designs you find in our web shop

also available

HD Animals Wallpapers
 Enjoy the time waiting for Christman...

10 Nov 2017

Reconstructed new website!

We are so happy to introduce our new website!

There are no moving pictures, animations, jumping or fading texts. 
There are no XXXXL pictures.
The functions and drop down menus are as simple as possible.

We know that very many of you use mobile phone or tablet when surfing
around in the exciting world of the internet. The new website should be now
optimized for PC, mobile phone and tablet. on your mobile

You can easily find and compare the prices of different
designs and metals...

When you click "order" you see how much and how long hair
we would need to make a weave for that certain item.

You don´t have to print the order form anymore. All the 
information comes to us online as you select the item, size, ribbon style etc.
And don´t worry: we will be in touch if there is information missing or
some other problem with the order.
 If you have any questions considering your order, ribbon styles, sizing etc.,
 please, don´t hesitate to be in touch!

One thing is still the same:
You get the invoice as an e mail AFTER we have received the hair from you.
We wish to be sure, that the hair is "weavable" before you pay for
your jewellery.

So, plenty of information - auch auf Deutsch!
Make your choice and place your order here:

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