29 Jul 2015

Dublin Horse Show 2015

nannasalmi horsehair jewellery collection in 
Dublin Horse Show 5. - 9.8.2015 by Tailored Equestrian.

See the collection
Feel the finesse
Make your choice

You can meet our delegate from Finland on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
You can place your order in Dublin and if you have the tail hair with you,
they will fly to Finland on Monday!

Welcome to Tailored Equestrian in Dublin, see you!

28 Jul 2015

Horsehair Bracelet Puella Star

Vinjette donated some tailhair for Birgitta´s bracelet Puella Star

salmi nannasalmi

The ribbon is 6 mm wide and there are 14 1,3 mm diamonds or zircons
in the small heart. 

original horsehair jewelry collection

How could you better express your love to your horse?

the original nannasalmi collection since 1999
by the designer and innovator of woven horsehair jewelry
Nanna Salmi, Finland

26 Jul 2015

Hay for horses

In Finland the months have describing names:
February is "helmikuu", "Pearl Month" - ice and snow make pearls
and diamonds when the sun is shining...

December is "joulukuu", "Christmas Month"

Most of the month names have to do with agriculture and the name tells what
is done in the fields that time a year. It might be not difficult to guess how
July is called... Yes, "heinäkuu", "Hay month".

heinätyöt suomenhevosella

It´s fantastic to see that some people have started to make the traditional
hay stooks again. It´s hard work to build them and most of hay is gathered with machines, 
of course, but these "nostalgy stooks" you get to see now and again -
countryside "entertaining" city people...

After reaping the hay is lifted up on a stook to make sure it dries up well.

finnhorse suomenhevonen


Well dried hay is taken to the barn.

When the hay work is done without the machines, you need more people
to work together - even the children can help!

Heikki with his Finnhorse Koda. Koda has done a good job
and during the winter time he gets to enjoy his well earned hay.

So it looked like in the old days. This picture is from Mustiala Manor house .
 Mustiala was Finland’s first agricultural college.

21 Jul 2015

Estonian Restaurant no 1 - NOA Peakoka Saal

In Tallinn you find gorgeus restaurants: top chefs and sommeliers, top quality food, 
good range of wines and marvellous interiors.

When we decided to travel to Tallinn we made a table reservation to the number 1
restaurant right away - 2 months ago! That is the only way to get to the

Noa is located by the sea, in Pirita, about 15 minutes drive from the city center.
There are actually two restaurants: Noa Restaurant is a little bit more relaxed
fine dining and the Head Chef´s hall is more private and elegant where 5 -7 course
menus are served. The head chef is Tõnis Siigur and the sous chef is Miihkel Rand.

From the big windows there is a beautiful view to the Bay of Pirita. When sitting at the chef´s table, the best view is to the kitchen but the mirror underneath the "champagne wall"
gives you the possibility to enjoy the sunset as well.

Matching wine menu is a perfect addition to the meal but my suggestion is that you share
the wines between two persons - after seven glasses of wine you are quite "tipsy" 
and you probably can´t enjoy the dinner as it would deserve...

Menu with wine recommendations - celeriac "gyozac" -  cheese donuts/buttermilk

Duck - Peas (best peas ever!) - Toffee/Chantarelle consomme (wonderful!)

Pike Perch - Miihkel, our host - Lamb (absolutely perfectly cooked, melted in mouth...)

Taittinger champagne - chocolate, cookies and candied lichen (Cladonia stellaris) (incredible...)

Food was simple, no unnecessary tricks. Real tastes, local ingredients. 
They trust the food´s natural aromas and highlight them.

Personnel was very polite but not stiff. They told about the food and wines short and pithy but were willing to answer all the questions we had and if we started a discussion they came along.

Although the building and decoration were very modern, it was not sterile or cold. 
Natural materials like hays, wood, leather and stone was used sofisticated to create earthy, 
warm atmosphere.

Must say: perfect evening, five stars!
 If you enjoy watching chefs cooking, discuss wines and food with personnel
and feel really VIP - go to the chef´s table in Noa. 

If you wish to socialize with your entourage, get an "ordinary" table 
where you don´t sit in a row - you still feel VIP... 

Thank you, Noa, for a perfect night!

Homepage in English:

20 Jul 2015

Greetings from Hansa Town Tallinn, Estonia

Just a two hours ferry trip from Helsinki you find a beautiful city of Tallinn. Tallinn
 is an unique combination of new and old, traditions and modern architecture. 
The heart of the city is the old town which was founded already before 1154 and it has 
a long, colourful history as a very important hansa town.

After World War II started, Estonia was annexed by the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1940, and later occupied by Nazi Germany from 1941 to 1944. After the Nazi retreat in 1944, it was 
again annexed by the USSR. After annexation into the Soviet Union, 
Tallinn became the capital of the Estonian SSR in 1991.

During those years the old town was in a pretty bad condition: people lived there, but there
wasn´t very much for the tourists unless you enjoyed decayed idyll. The good thing was
that even if nobody really cared about the city - or the historical part of it - they
did not put it down either. In last twenty years the old town has been restored and
there are a lot of new buildings in the other parts of the city. Tallinn's Old Town 
is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

When you walk in the Old Town you get to see the most beautiful views to the narrow streets. There is always a little surprise behind every corner... Estonians have eye for details: cafés, restaurants, shops are decorated with a very good taste and distinctive touch.

Arts and crafts are valued, old, traditional professions
 are dignified. Young people make modern art, they create innovative products
and have fresh ideas. 

Between the old buildings, on the narrow alleys, the history has been brought alive.

Walk through the gateways, explore the back yards. You can find the most charming café or restaurant, art gallery or shop... Chocolaterie de Pierre is a café with some bohemian atmosphere, hand made chocolate, delicious cakes served in huge pieces, coffee and drinks. 

Estonian people love beautiful things, especially flowers. The flower shops are open till late night.

We Finns are privileged to have this beautiful city so near to us. We love visiting Tallinn. 
Sometimes for a day, sometimes for a few nights. Besides the historical ambiance and attractions, Tallinn offers great spas, saunas and beauty salons, boutiques, shopping centers and 
department stores with all the international luxury brands.

There are also many very good restaurants in the city. This time we visited "Leib Resto & Aed" and 
the Tallinn number 1 "Noa". But about them - next time....

16 Jul 2015

David is the world to me

This is me and Davy Boko (alias David), a Dutch race horse (standardbred). On 25-8-13 he had to race the biggest race for 3 year old horses in Holland, the Derby. He was one of the favourites, but a couple of weeks before this race he stopped with eating. He ate, but not much. He was not happy and vital anymore and we knew there was something wrong. 

So we brought him to several vets and nobody could exactly tell us what was wrong. So the day of the big race we were all very nervous of course, it was now or never… 

The race went well for him and in the last turn he took him out and he won very easily. So end good all good we thought. We were in the clouds, so happy with our lovely horse and that he did so good despite he was not 100%.

Only 3 days later we fell off that cloud…. He had a fever of 41,6 degrees. He was so sick… couldn’t even walk anymore and we feared the worse. We had to bring him to the clinic (and normally he should not be able to be transported, to weak). He did not want to eat and drink, so the fever stayed also (around 40 degrees). 

Firstly we could not visit him because he was in quarantine, but finally they told us maybe it will be good for him to see people he knows. I saw him standing in the box and I felt terrible, there was nothing left from this beautiful young stallion. I filled a bucket with water and instantly he started to drink, I gave him food and he started to eat. And he didn’t eat for almost 3 days…. 

From that day on I almost visited him every day (together with the mother of his trainer, she loves him also very much). Every day he was getting a bit better. And we could have a little hope. But still it was not certain he would survive. Finally the vets came with the conclusion that he had a very bad stomach ulcer, so bad that it could have been fatal for Davy. But now he has been treated for that and after 2 weeks we could finally bring him home. I thank God every day that he spared us and gave me my little boy back. I have been so frightened to lose him, couldn’t eat or sleep… my stomach hurted so badly so eventually I went to the doctor and he told me that I had a stomach ulcer…. I thought this cannot be true… 

I have the same problem as David… how do you mean solitaire to the horse… 

David is the world to me.

The race: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35h3Ywn63e8

Jennifer Jenna Michaela Hills, Netherlands

9 Jul 2015

Since I was a small girl...

...I have always loved horses.

My dream finally came true 11 yrs ago when I brought home my first Mare. She came from
an Auction, her owners were selling her because she was accidentally bred. I was in heaven..
A 2 for 1 deal even!!

She didn't come with a name. So after some thought I named her Sierra. In the months that
 followed Sierra and I bonded, I spent many hours sitting with her in the barn or out
in the pasture, Just being with her was a kind of therapy, the peace I feel
when cuddling my girl is hard to explain.

I brought her home in November, she gave Birth to a pretty Colt the Following April.
He is now a beautiful 10 yr old gelding, His name is Chase and he has a long story
of his own.

There is nothing overly special about my little horse, but to me she is
extraordinary and irreplaceable! I will love her forever and always!

Recently a friend convinced me to have some pictures taken with my girl Sierra,
memories to keep close to my heart. This is one of the pictures.

Amanda Budny, USA

Strawberry Cake with Flake Oats and Cream

This recipe has been in the family for 23 years. Nanna´s grandson can´t imagine his birthday on 4th of July without it...

Flake Oat - Strawberry Cake  

for 10 persons (or less...)

For the bottom you need:

12 dl  large flake oats
4 tbls wheat flour 
4 ts    baking powder
300 g melted butter
4 eggs
6 dl sugar
  • Mix flakes, wheat flour and baking powder
  • Add 300 g melted butter into the mixture
  • Whisk the eggs and sugar into foam and add carefully into the dough
  • Cover a baking tray (50 cm wide) with baking paper and spread the dough on it
  • Heat the owen up to 200 °C / 392 °F and bake the cake on the lower level for 15 minutes
  • Let the cake cool off well and cut it into halfs
For the topping you need: 
ca. 2 l strawberries 
4 dl double cream whipped into foam
  • Start with the bottom: cover the cake bottom with plenty of whipped cream and strawberries. You can cut these strawberries in halves - the cake keeps up better
  • Put the other bottom on the top of this and cover this one also with whipped cream and strawberries.


Make the cake early enough and keep it in a fridge. It will settle down and get juicy in a few hours.

Make only one cake bottom by halfing the amount of the ingredients and serve it like a pie.

Instead of strawberries you can use rasberries, blueberries, rhubarb or apple jam (not too sweet), flake oat bottom and cream will make it perfect anyway!


And after...

Bon Appetit!

8 Jul 2015

Summer Delicatessen: Greek Salad with Strawberries

Strawberries are something that the Finns wait as much as the Midsummer Fest or
the new potatoes. They represent us the taste of summer. 

They are on the news and we talk about them: 
When does the season start? How has the weather been?
Is the season in time, early or late? Was it too cold for the flowers in May ?
How much do they cost today?

In the beginning of July the season starts and we eat them. And we eat them
a little bit more and when we can´t eat them any more we deep freeze
them for the winter time.

photo yle.fi

If you ever got to taste a Finnish strawberry that grew in a field, you would perfectly well 
understand why we are so crazy about them:
The sun shines almost 24/7 in June and July and that makes the sugar level
high in the berry and you just can´t get that naturally super sweet berries 
anywhere else! They don´t need added sugar.

The season is short - we try to enjoy them as often as we can. And we want them 
"picked today". The season has started...

One delicious way to have strawberries is in a cheese salad. Pick some lettuce from the garden, add cucumber, spring onions or leek, black and green olives, feta cheese (or any other cheese you fancy,
even blue cheese) and strawberries...

Open a bottle of dry sparkling wine and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!