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14 Mar 2015

Coco, Paganini, Bocelli and Cassini

Sometimes it´s hard to come up with names for jewelries... What kind of name would 
describe the nature of the ring or the bracelet? What name would be GOOD enough?

Sometimes it is very easy. The first, still unnamed item is made with a special horse's hair and it is a pleasure to 
name it after that horse. That was done for example with the plaston Max which 
was named after Kyra Kyrklund´s horse as the first piece was made with his hair.

When Nanna Salmi designed these four rings her idea was to create a serie of classic, 
timeless rings with sophisticated details - rings for classy and sophisticated ladies. 
In each ring there is a gap so the beautiful, high quality stones get all the light they need
 to shine beautifully!

But - the names... Nanna Salmi thought it´s better to look for great horses with beautiful names 
and name these rings after them. We think she did a great job! Here they are:

Coco Chanel
Photo Melanie Brevnik
Decks Coco Chanel blk. M  Quarter Horse, born 1993
Coco was a very promising show jumper, unfortunately it had to be put down in June 2007 
after an accident in rehabilitation.
Read more about beautiful Coco Chanel from

17. hh bay Crown Predicate KWPN stallion
Read more about Paganini Future View Dressage

 photo from
2006 KWPN Gelding

Cassini I
photo from
Cassini I (born 1988) was one of the most succesfull Holsteiner stallion. It was 
an international Grand Prix winning jumper and also a very popular sire.

nannasalmi horsehair rings from left: Coco, Paganini, Bocelli and Cassini
See them also here

Thank you, beautiful horses, for beautiful names.
It's just your choice, beautiful ladies!

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