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3 Mar 2015

Mother´s Day

There is at least one person in the world you probably love more than your horse.
Or at least as much.
Your mother.

If she loves horses, too, what would be a better gift than
a nannasalmi horsehair bracelet, ring or earrings?

All the items can be made of Your own horse´s hair. Hair of multiple horses
can be woven into one ribbon, too. The look of the ribbon will depend
on the colour of the horse/horses.
We can also use stock hair. In that case You are free to choose any pattern
in any colour. See more on the page "by colour" above.

All the items are hand crafted and custom made.
At the moment the delivery time is ca. 5 weeks. Please, place your order
as soon as possible to make sure Your Mother gets her best Mother´s Day gift ever in time!

Ring Carus, Bracelet Puella Star, Earrings Cali
in silver, gold or white gold



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