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20 Mar 2015

Shaman Wedding - Welcome! Part I

It's early September morning in Carelia, East-Finland, in Juuka wilderness.

The forest is quiet, horses are fast asleep. A laika dog is snoozing, nothing seems to 
disturb the peace of the nature. 
But - something is in the air...

There are signs of a big celebration!
It's a chilly morning. Some guests have stayed overnight in tipi-like huts and
are gathered around the fire having their morning coffee.
There are decorations, piles of firewood ready for sauna...
Something is going on.

A Shaman Wedding in a Finnish forest! 

Very often animistic wedding ceremonies takes place in a forest. Decoration is organic and natural, like decorated wedding canopies and poles. 

Let´s get closer!
As the sun gets higher in the sky, the fun starts.
In this wedding the pole is built by guests. All men, women and children
give their helping hand.

The happy couple seems to be very satisfied with the pole.

The bride's necklace is made of reindeer bone

The bride giving last instructions 

The Shaman
Sometimes there is a ritual circle with compass points and different elements, and 
many devices for a ceremony can be found on the shrine. The ceremony master is usually 
a priest / priestess of a religion or a shaman.

Are we ready? Can we start now?

Come and see more tomorrow!

All the photos by Nanna Salmi
Source for traditions Lehto ry


  1. Nice to have old traditions still exist, and there are people who do not let these traditions forgotten.
    I look forward to the sequel, thank Nanna

  2. Thank you, Carola. Will do!


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