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2 Mar 2015

Sanna got something special

One evening last week I got a huge surprise. And moved into tears...

All my ponies and horses are very dear and important to me because of the very special nature of my work. I run a pony stable and work with children and youth. My aim is to do some good, teach them things about life and animals with my horses and ponies. Sometimes they tell me hard things that affect their life, and often we just listen to them, me and the pony. For every child there is a special pony or horse with the right chemistry. Horses and ponies give them comfort and joy.

For years things ran smoothly and everything was just fine. But then one day I got into an accident at the stables, got a concussion and soon after that a cancer diagnosis. I thought everything had come to it´s end and all my work was wasted. I was too tired and my condition was too bad, I wasn´t able to take care of a thing.

But no, that was not the end. All my friends came with helping hands: One took care of my children, the other one of horses, the third one cared for my dog. Those who lived further away supported me with messages and called me every night just to check everything was fine. All I had to do was to delegate tasks and concentrate in healing and recovering. I was able to rest and take care of myself with the help of my dear husband and friends. Now I´m fit enough to give riding lessons again and make plans for the future!

On that night last week I thought it was going to be an ordinary, peaceful Saturday night. But peace was gone as my friends came to our home with delicatessen, cakes and a small package... I opened it and that very moment I knew what it was. It was a nannasalmi horsehair bracelet and at once I realized there were all my ponies and horses tail hair woven into that one ribbon - I could recognize them all! I had to sit down - I felt almost dizzy, I was so happy! My friends had secretly collected tail hairs and organized the whole thing...

The bracelet means a world to me. It symbolizes all the meaningful things in my life. Horses are my everything and I have a gorgeus family and dear, dear friends. Since that evening I have been so emotionally shaken that I haven´t been able to stop crying. 
But they are tears of joy.

Thank you, Nanna, for this beautiful treasure.

Sanna Kaisa Suursalmi, Finland

P.S. Cancer is gone. The doctor just called and told that I´m healed.

PUELLA - ribbon 'flash'
The ribbon is woven with hair of eight ponies and horses. Little Romeo's hair
was too short to weave, the tassel is made of his hair.

photo Kaisa Laurent

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