30 Dec 2016

Safe and Happy New Year with Horses and Ponies!

Even the most sensible horses and ponies can be frightened by fireworks. By being proactive in planning for fireworks you can make the annual celebration less
stressful for you and your horse.

We have put together some information wishing to help you coping with fireworks:

• Whenever possible, tell neighbours and local firework display organisers that there are horses nearby, so they can set the fireworks off in the opposite direction and well away from them.

• Your horse will cope best in it´s familiar environment and in its normal routine, with any companions, people or animals, to make it feel secure.

• If your horse is in the stable, try to make sure that there is nothing that could cause potential injury such as protruding nails and strings.

• If you decide to leave your horse out in the field, check the fencing, gates and that there are no foreign objects lying around.

• If you leave your horse in the care of another person, leave clear instructions and contact details for both you and your vet in case of problems. Don´t leave your horse with an unexperienced person or children.

• If you know your horse will be stressed or frightened you can talk to your vet about sedation, or maybe even  consider moving your horse for the night.

• Play music on a radio positioned outside the stable. That can mask sudden noise, distract attention and be soothing.

• Keep calm yourself, keep positive and act normal; horses sense unease and stress in a person and this may make things worse.

• Be aware of your own safety; a startled horse can be dangerous.

• Don´t risk riding when you think fireworks might be set off.

AFTERWORDS: If there has been a display near your stable, yard or field, check the area for bits of used firework and put anything that could be dangerous to your horse in the bin.

Photo by Michelle Drum from the article 


We want to thank you all for the past year and wish you 
safe New Year celebrations and very, very Happy New Year 2017!

With kindest regards, nannasalmi Team

6 Dec 2016

Happy Independence Day, Finland!

Finland's Independence Day and a flag day, held on the 6th of December to celebrate Finland's declaration of independence from the Russian Republic in 1917.

To keep our independence a Finnhorse has played an important role in all the military conflicts Finland has had. That´s why we want to thank today our war veterans and the Finnhorses.

Ystävämme suomenhevonen / Our friend finnhorse
Official music video here

melody & lyrics in Finnish Suonna Kononen © manus
English translation mm

Where would we be without you,
you with four legs, pale grey mane, wet muzzeled
our friend Finnhorse

Missä olisimmekaan ilman sinua,
sinä nelijalkainen, hallavaharjainen, märkäturpainen
ystävämme suomenhevonen.

I´ve got nothing else in the world:
sky is the ceiling, road is my carpet and the walls are the trees of the forest
and as a friend Finnhorse

Eipä ole mulla maailmassa muita:
on taivahan katto, maantien matto ja seininä metsien puita
ja kaverina suomenhevonen.

With you my grand dad waded the fields,
where the wedge flew, soon flowered oat
here you are - my friend Finnhorse

Sulla ukkini raivasi pellot.
Missä lenteli aura, kohta heilimöi kaura,
ole hyvä, hevonen – ystäväni suomenhevonen.

And when the tanks were roaring in Kannas,
it was freeze, crust of snow - you were more to rely on than the machines
our friend, Finnhorse

Ja kun Kannaksella ryskyivät tankit,
oli pakkanen, hanki – sinä olit konettakin luotettavampi
ystävämme, suomenhevonen.

These villages are getting empty
the roads not ploughed and people getting old
but still there are them - and some horses

Once I leave this world,
this icy, slipery road of my life -
bury me next to my horse

Nämä kylät ovat tyhjiksi käyneet.
Ei aurata teitä ja vanhuus vaivaa jääneitä,
vaan vielä on heitä – ja joku hevonen.

Kun kerran minä erkanen täältä,
tämän maantien päältä, elämäni talvitien liukkaalta jäältä –
haudatkaa mut hevoiseni viereen.


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4 Dec 2016

When one is not enough...

Sometimes there are things that you desire and you think that after getting one you are happy. Often it is that way, but sometimes with some things it just isn´t.

We think that especially this goes for glasses of champagne, chocolate bars, special handbags, cats, dogs, horses - and jewellery!

the original collection by nannasalmi, Finland

Horsehair bracelet Shoe-shoe is custom made of your own
horse´s hair. The engraving is made by hand.

the original collection by nannasalmi Finland

The same ribbon style was used in this beautiful necklace 'Salinero'. 

We believe it brings you good luck.

What a beautiful set to be used together - 
or one at the time.

Both items are custom made and hand crafted in Finland.
If you wish to have one (or two), please contact us!

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1 Dec 2016

From the Tail Next to Your Heart

A horse hair bundle came from the customer plaited

So beautiful!


Brooch 'Cassandra' ready to wear next to your heart...

Wish to have one? Questions? In your service:

28 Nov 2016

The first sentance I spoke was; "I want a pony"

This is my Bella. Isabella Vida. I had wanted a horse my entire life. My mom says the first sentance i spoke was; "I want a pony". I took riding lessons, but when my parents divorced when I was 11, everything changed. There was no money for such frivilous pursuits.

I would ride whenever I had a chance, a trail ride with my husband to be at a family reunion and a trail ride with my son when he was 5. still, despite all that life brings, my love for horses remained in my heart.

Then one day I was at the pet store buying bird food. The young woman that worked there had horses. She had invited me out to ride. It was in my mind, but as a single working mom, I hadnt taken her up on it. She had a flyer that there was going to be a big horse sale at her barn. She said there was one big thoroughbred mare (having heard my preferance's before) I went straight out that day and saw a stick thin, big bay.

Her story was that she was off the track. Hurt her leg in her first out of the gate and her career ended. And it looked like her care did too. She had such kind eyes. I went home and thought of the money. I couldnt get her out of my mind. Went back the next day and she was mine. My 40th birthday present to myself.

I had waited my whole life for this wonderful soul and she hasn´t let me down one minute since I have had her. She very well could have ended up at slaughter, so one could assume that I saved her life. Truth be told, she has saved mine many times over!

Shawna Pinillas, Florida, USA

23 Nov 2016

When I was a kid, all I wanted for Christmas...

When I was a kid, all I wanted for Christmas – every Christmas – was a horse. Actually, a pony. A black Dales pony. With 2 white feet and a star. Not that I thought about it much.

I spent a great deal of my childhood in denial about the possibility of owning a pony: we spent half the year in Florida and half in Canada, which is not an inexpensive proposition for my imaginary pony and my parents.

Fifteen years later, after graduating from university, I visited a ranch in San Diego to enquire about riding lessons. One of the first horses I was introduced to was a green-broke 15.1hh bay Arabian mare named Myriah.

When we approached the gate, she came racing in from her pasture to say hello, so very pleased to have attention and so very excited at the possibility of treats. It was love at first sight. I became a working student and my project was Myriah. Three months later, she was offered to me for purchase and I jumped on the chance quicker than you can say “unrequited pony dreams.”

And so, for almost 15 years, I was the proud mother of a brave, sweet, amazing Arabian mare. We moved thousands of miles together, from sunny southern California to steamy South Carolina to snowy Quebec. She carried me through woods and over streams and down roads and in rings; she kept me company patiently through 2 pregnancies and 4 houses and years of midlife growing pains and life-consuming entrepreneurship. That mare braved bears and deer and horse-eating cows for me; she could float 3 feet off the ground like the hotest halter horse and seconds later be gentle as a lamb with my 3 year old son. She had such a special combination of fire and softness.

I saw her through Cushings, sweet itch, navicular and devastating laminitis. I could treat an abscess with my eyes closed (and so could my 2 year old – I caught her applying diapers to her rocking horse’s feet more than once). I learned to a million ways to disguise the taste of bute and where to get pills of pergolide that she would actually swallow. I researched supplements and hoof boots endlessly.

Even during the years she was retired, and we could not ramble the country roads together as often as we both would have liked, I was just as excited to greet her at the pasture gate as I was way back in San Diego. I know she watched for me too, and sometimes after dinner she would walk up behind me and rest her chin on top of my head and we’d watch the evening fade together.

I lost her this year. We won so many battles but we finally lost the war.

So it turns out that my true dream horse was not black, not Dales, and had no star. She did have two white feet though.

And she was perfect.

Tamara Ensio Johnson, CAN

1 Nov 2016

Horsehair Necklace Salinero - given as an unforgettable gift

If the husband has such a wonderful wife and she has had such
a wonderful horse, what would be a better birthday present
than a horse hair necklace made by nannasalmi?

Finnhorse Meijämboik (Our Boy)

We received the tail hair, they were washed and dried and the
shortest once were taken off from the bundle.

Clean, dry, beautiful tail hair

Then Nanna chooses the different shades and colors to create the most beautiful pattern.

Ready woven ribbon

Meanwhile the goldsmith does his work. The metal parts of nannasalmi™ 
horsehair jewellery collection are cast with one of the oldest jewellery casters in 
Finland,  K. Raiskinen Oy. They are known for their high quality and their 
respect to the craft traditions.

Each part is hand finished by the goldsmith Marjut Viitala.

The ready item is packed and shipped with the hair left over.

Happy birthday from us too! 
You have a loving and thoughtful husband...

If you wish to make someone happy, please contact us!

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14 Oct 2016

Christmas - sooner than you think...

Look around... It is coming and you can already see the signs! 
These lights are in our home town Lahti.

Rautatienkadun jouluvalot, Lahti

If you wish to give something very special for Christmas for your horse loving loved one 
or a good friend, it´s about the time to start giving it a serious thought.

The closer the Christmas season comes, the busier is our goldsmith.
You have to be prepared for the six weeks delivery time...

"The most meaningful jewellery I ever had
- or will ever have."

"Every time I looked at it I started crying. I was so happy.
That went on for three days..."

Bracelet Armana and ring Cassiopeia

"Our daughter was the best gift, but the ring with my mare´s hair was the second best.
I think I have the most loving and caring
husband in the world. "

What do you think, would one of these items be the best 
Christmas present ever? 

We bet it would - or any other jewellery from
the original nannasalmi collection made with the receiver´s
own horse´s hair.

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12 Oct 2016

Stirrups - useful and beautiful!

Stirrup is one of the most significant invention in the history of warfare, almost as significant as gunpowder. After chariot and saddle it´s the third revolutionary step in the range of equestrian equipment. It gives a rider a great stability, a rider using stirrups is less likely
to fall and is more free to use hands.

Stirrups are relatively late invention considering that horses were domesticated in approximately 4500 B.C.E. The earliest known saddle-like equipment were fringed cloths or pads with breast pads and cruppers used by Assyrian cavalry around 700 B.C.E. The earliest manifestation of the stirrup was a toe loop that held the big toe and was used in India late in the second century B.C.E though may have appeared as early as 500 B.C.E.

- Source Wikipedia -

Lady's Stirrup, late 18th-19th century, Brooklyn Museum

Well, those lady´s stirrups definitely look wonderful, but can´t help thinking how would they be to handle and clean after some hours riding on the muddy roads and fields!

A modern stirrup looks very different.

It´s simple and practical.

The form is classic and recognizable and very popular in all kind of equestrian related design: jewellery, textile prints, home decoration products etc.

Of course we wanted to have this beautiful form in the collection, too. First there were the earrings 'Ibere'.

horsehairjewelry  horsehairjewellery pferdehaarschmuck sieraadenvanpaardenhaar bijouxencrinsdecheval equestrianjewelry

The horsehair ribbon, 3 mm wide, is woven 
and the metal parts are made of silver, gold or white gold. 

The height of an earring is ca. 32 mm, width of the stirrup 14 mm.

horsehairjewelry  horsehairjewellery pferdehaarschmuck sieraadenvanpaardenhaar bijouxencrinsdecheval equestrianjewelry

Some time ago we thought that the earrings need a matching bracelet.

The bracelet is called 'Riamon'. 

The woven ribbon is 6 mm wide, 
 and of course, woven of your own horse´s tail hair.

These jewelleries are perfect for showing your love to your
favorite hobby - and your horse.

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10 Oct 2016

Nino des Buissonnet, Corbiniani, Cobin and Dark

We have had an honor to work with hair donated by many gorgeous
horses. Here are four of them:

Nino des Buissonnet donated tail hair for the bracelet 'Faune'

 Corbiniani donated tail hair for the bracelet 'Faune' 

the original collection by Nanna salmi

Cobin and Dark donated hair for Quentin Judge´s cufflinks 'Polo'

The thing is: you don´t have to be a world famous rider. Your horse doesn´t have to be world famous either! You two are very special and a world to each others.

Keep your dearest one next to you all the time and forever - have something beautiful and unique made with the tail hair.

Enquieries and orders by email

Custom made, hand crafted in Finland.
The original idea and design by Nanna Salmi.

Please, pay attention:
The nannasalmi collection is not marketed under any other
trade mart or brand name. 

16 Sept 2016

The narrow Rings

A ring is a symbol of infinity and eternity.
What would better symbolize your relationship and love to your horse or horses?

In a magical sense, wearing a ring binds you with power and energy. The materials of which the ring is constructed determine the nature of this energy. All rings were once magical or sacred. We hope, and know, that these rings have a very special meaning to their owners...

These four ring designs are with the woven ribbon 3 mm wide.
The total width of the rings is 5.8 mm.

nannasalmi collection

Amate is the simplest design. If you have very small hands these
designs probably suit you best. As a wedding band Amate is perfect:
simple, elegant and timeless.

nannasalmi collection

In the ring Clapton there is space for one or two letters engraving on the top
if you should want one.

horsehair ring with a diamond, nannasalmi collection

If you fancy diamonds, choose Andrea. On the right you see engraving inside.

ring with a heart

Last, but not least, Cuore Mio (My Heart)...

In this picture you can see quite clearly the high edges that
protect the most valuable part of the ring - the ribbon made with
your own horse´s hair.

If something should happen to the tailhair ribbon, no worries!
Send us new hair and the ring, the ribbon can be changed.

For these rings we would need 40 hair at least 50 cm long.
There can be hair from one horse or more. Have them all
around your finger...

Order yours from

Enquieries and orders also by email

15 Sept 2016


A little heart tells it all ~ you love your horse

I bless the hoss from hoof to head -
From head to hoof, and tale to mane! -
I bless the hoss, as I have said,
From head to hoof, and back again!

~James Whitcomb Riley~

the original collection by nannasalmi since 1990

The horses paw and prance and neigh,
Fillies and colts like kittens play,
And dance and toss their rippled manes
Shining and soft as silken skeins;...

~Oliver Wendell Holmes~

When I bestride him, I soar, 
I am a hawk: he trots the air; 
the earth sings when he touches it; 
the basest horn of his hoof is more musical 
than the pipe of Hermes.  

~William Shakespeare, Henry V~

Four things greater than all things are, -
Women and Horses and Power and War.

~Rudyard Kipling, "The Ballad of the King's Jest"~

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,
Friendship without envy,
Or beauty without vanity?
Here, where grace is served with muscle
And strength by gentleness confined
He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.

There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent.
There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient.

~Ronald Duncan, "The Horse," 1954~

Bracelets 'Puella' and 'Puella Star' tell it all, no words needed.

The ribbons for the bracelets are woven with your own horse´s hair.
They are available in silver, gold and white gold.

Wish to have one? Order yours from

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1 Sept 2016

Finnhorse Kullannuppu visiting Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum

Luostarinmäki (Cloister Hill) Handicrafts Museum is an open-air museum in the center of Turku, Finland. As an open-air museum it is even globally exceptionally valuable entity as the buildings in the area are located in their original positions. 

Luostarinmäen käsityöläismuseo

Luostarinmäki is the only area of wooden houses in Turku which remained the Great Fire of Turku in 1827. The museum was opened to the public on 29th of June 1940.

It is one of Finland's nationally significant
cultural environments. 


Kullannuppu Luostarinmäellä

Finnhorse Kullannuppu fits well into the scenery!

There are eighteen wooden blocks, more than thirty wooden houses, built at the end of 1700s and in the early 1800s. Houses are decorated in the pre-industrial urban artisans workshops and homes. During the summer craftsmen work in the workshops so visitors can see traditional crafts.

Museum administrators, guides and artisans are dressed in the old fashioned costumes.

The museum also has it's own post office,
café and two shops. 

In Höökari´s Sundry Shop you can buy old-fashioned sweets and in a museum shop Hantvärkki you can buy handicraft products made by the artisans in the museum.

The museum has been awarded by the tourism writers and journalists of the International Federation F.I.J.E.T. Golden Apple Award in 1984 as the only one in Nordic countries. The award gave Luostarinmäki craftsmen impetus to set up their own guild.

Since 1943 the highlight of the summer has been in August, the celebration of the craftsmen:
about 40 different professional craftsmen come and present their work. Also Kullannuppu spent three days in Luostarinmäki to delight the visitors.

Horses were very important in the old days,
as important as the craftsmen!

Kullannuppu Luostarinmäellä, suomenhevonen

She´s so calm that she can be let walk free...

Kullannuppu, suomenehvonen, Luostarinmäki

Tourists need maps, Kullannuppu manages without!

During the days she found a quiet corner for having a nap, 
and also a tack shop!

We very much appreciate the old skills are kept alive. 

The more time goes on and all kinds of new things and inventions come out,
the more important it is to remember how it all started.

Finnhorse is our national treasure and we are glad to see how they 
are appreciated nowadays as well.

On the way home.

Well earned!

If you wish to see more of Kullannuppu, read this:

More about the Finnhorse in general:

Thank you, Heikki, again, for these wonderful pictures of Kullannuppu.
She is a special treasure as you are a special master and treasure for her...