1 Sept 2016

Finnhorse Kullannuppu visiting Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum

Luostarinmäki (Cloister Hill) Handicrafts Museum is an open-air museum in the center of Turku, Finland. As an open-air museum it is even globally exceptionally valuable entity as the buildings in the area are located in their original positions. 

Luostarinmäen käsityöläismuseo

Luostarinmäki is the only area of wooden houses in Turku which remained the Great Fire of Turku in 1827. The museum was opened to the public on 29th of June 1940.

It is one of Finland's nationally significant
cultural environments. 


Kullannuppu Luostarinmäellä

Finnhorse Kullannuppu fits well into the scenery!

There are eighteen wooden blocks, more than thirty wooden houses, built at the end of 1700s and in the early 1800s. Houses are decorated in the pre-industrial urban artisans workshops and homes. During the summer craftsmen work in the workshops so visitors can see traditional crafts.

Museum administrators, guides and artisans are dressed in the old fashioned costumes.

The museum also has it's own post office,
café and two shops. 

In Höökari´s Sundry Shop you can buy old-fashioned sweets and in a museum shop Hantvärkki you can buy handicraft products made by the artisans in the museum.

The museum has been awarded by the tourism writers and journalists of the International Federation F.I.J.E.T. Golden Apple Award in 1984 as the only one in Nordic countries. The award gave Luostarinmäki craftsmen impetus to set up their own guild.

Since 1943 the highlight of the summer has been in August, the celebration of the craftsmen:
about 40 different professional craftsmen come and present their work. Also Kullannuppu spent three days in Luostarinmäki to delight the visitors.

Horses were very important in the old days,
as important as the craftsmen!

Kullannuppu Luostarinmäellä, suomenhevonen

She´s so calm that she can be let walk free...

Kullannuppu, suomenehvonen, Luostarinmäki

Tourists need maps, Kullannuppu manages without!

During the days she found a quiet corner for having a nap, 
and also a tack shop!

We very much appreciate the old skills are kept alive. 

The more time goes on and all kinds of new things and inventions come out,
the more important it is to remember how it all started.

Finnhorse is our national treasure and we are glad to see how they 
are appreciated nowadays as well.

On the way home.

Well earned!

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Thank you, Heikki, again, for these wonderful pictures of Kullannuppu.
She is a special treasure as you are a special master and treasure for her...

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