16 Sept 2016

The narrow Rings

A ring is a symbol of infinity and eternity.
What would better symbolize your relationship and love to your horse or horses?

In a magical sense, wearing a ring binds you with power and energy. The materials of which the ring is constructed determine the nature of this energy. All rings were once magical or sacred. We hope, and know, that these rings have a very special meaning to their owners...

These four ring designs are with the woven ribbon 3 mm wide.
The total width of the rings is 5.8 mm.

nannasalmi collection

Amate is the simplest design. If you have very small hands these
designs probably suit you best. As a wedding band Amate is perfect:
simple, elegant and timeless.

nannasalmi collection

In the ring Clapton there is space for one or two letters engraving on the top
if you should want one.

horsehair ring with a diamond, nannasalmi collection

If you fancy diamonds, choose Andrea. On the right you see engraving inside.

ring with a heart

Last, but not least, Cuore Mio (My Heart)...

In this picture you can see quite clearly the high edges that
protect the most valuable part of the ring - the ribbon made with
your own horse´s hair.

If something should happen to the tailhair ribbon, no worries!
Send us new hair and the ring, the ribbon can be changed.

For these rings we would need 40 hair at least 50 cm long.
There can be hair from one horse or more. Have them all
around your finger...

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