10 Oct 2016

Nino des Buissonnet, Corbiniani, Cobin and Dark

We have had an honor to work with hair donated by many gorgeous
horses. Here are four of them:

Nino des Buissonnet donated tail hair for the bracelet 'Faune'

 Corbiniani donated tail hair for the bracelet 'Faune' 

the original collection by Nanna salmi

Cobin and Dark donated hair for Quentin Judge´s cufflinks 'Polo'

The thing is: you don´t have to be a world famous rider. Your horse doesn´t have to be world famous either! You two are very special and a world to each others.

Keep your dearest one next to you all the time and forever - have something beautiful and unique made with the tail hair.

Enquieries and orders by email

Custom made, hand crafted in Finland.
The original idea and design by Nanna Salmi.

Please, pay attention:
The nannasalmi collection is not marketed under any other
trade mart or brand name. 

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