Ordering process and enquiries

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Ordering a custom made jewellery might feel quite difficult and complicated, but we will help you, don´t worry!

This is how the ordering process usually proceeds:

  • You choose the item you wish to have and send us an email in order to get precise instructions about the need of hair and giving us the measurements.
  • You send us your horse´s tail hair and Nanna Salmi checks and verifies that the ribbon for the certain item is possible to weave. She can also suggest patterns if you feel it´s too difficult to make a choice.
  • As soon as the details of your order are clear and closed, you will receive an invoice by email.
  • As soon as the invoice is paid, we will start the production. Delivery time is usually ca. 4 weeks.
  • The ready item is sent to you as a registered package or by courier (which is the safest way).


Christmas time is the busiest time of the year for us, for the post offices and courier services. We wish to have the orders for Christmas by the end of November and we ask you to be prepared for slightly longer delivery times.

In your service,

Minna, nannasalmi Team