1 Nov 2016

Horsehair Necklace Salinero - given as an unforgettable gift

If the husband has such a wonderful wife and she has had such
a wonderful horse, what would be a better birthday present
than a horse hair necklace made by nannasalmi?

Finnhorse Meijämboik (Our Boy)

We received the tail hair, they were washed and dried and the
shortest once were taken off from the bundle.

Clean, dry, beautiful tail hair

Then Nanna chooses the different shades and colors to create the most beautiful pattern.

Ready woven ribbon

Meanwhile the goldsmith does his work. The metal parts of nannasalmi™ 
horsehair jewellery collection are cast with one of the oldest jewellery casters in 
Finland,  K. Raiskinen Oy. They are known for their high quality and their 
respect to the craft traditions.

Each part is hand finished by the goldsmith Marjut Viitala.

The ready item is packed and shipped with the hair left over.

Happy birthday from us too! 
You have a loving and thoughtful husband...

If you wish to make someone happy, please contact us!

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