4 Dec 2016

When one is not enough...

Sometimes there are things that you desire and you think that after getting one you are happy. Often it is that way, but sometimes with some things it just isn´t.

We think that especially this goes for glasses of champagne, chocolate bars, special handbags, cats, dogs, horses - and jewellery!

the original collection by nannasalmi, Finland

Horsehair bracelet Shoe-shoe is custom made of your own
horse´s hair. The engraving is made by hand.

the original collection by nannasalmi Finland

The same ribbon style was used in this beautiful necklace 'Salinero'. 

We believe it brings you good luck.

What a beautiful set to be used together - 
or one at the time.

Both items are custom made and hand crafted in Finland.
If you wish to have one (or two), please contact us!

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