11 Feb 2022

nannasalmi horsehair jewellery goes museum!


Kello- ja korumuseo Kruunu Finnish Museum of Horology and Jewellery

Lahti, our hometown, is a town of watch and jewellery makers. The School Of Watchmaking was founded in 1944 and was located in Lahti until 1959.

The goldsmith school was founded earlier, already in 1938, and schooling of goldsmiths and engravers still continues in Lahti.

Teachers of the watchmaking school started a watch collection for the use of the school, but the actual watch museum was founded not earlier than in the end of 1950’s. In 1981 Finland’s Watchmakers Foundation established in Helsinki the Finnish Museum of Horology, and the watch collection was donated there.

To add jewelleries to the collection of the watch museum was an item already about eight years ago. In a new location it would have been possible, but it took a year more of a juridical process to change the rules of the foundation. Finally in 14.6.2021 started the Finnish Museum of Horology and Jewellery Kruunu. The new museum will open its doors in March in Tapiola, Espoo. About a year ago, when it was clear that the rules of the foundation will be changed, Nanna was contacted by the museum.

”When I first saw a horsehair bracelet made by Nanna I was completely astonished how exquisite combination of woven miniature horsehair fabric and modern jewellery design it was. I knew this is something we have to get to the collection of the Finnish Museum of Horology and Jewellery. ”

Essi Pullinen, museum director 

essi pullinen nanna salmi

Nanna and Essi met in the beginning of February and Nanna handed over the items for the museum collection.

”It was really great to meet Essi Pullinen and donate two pieces of my jewellery to the collection of the jewellery museum. When I made the first piece of my jewellery twenty two years ago I could not have imagined where it will lead.

The most important thing for me is that clients appreciate these jewelleries. I have heard dozens and dozens of stories of their horses and what these noble animals have ment to them. And though I have been weaving thousands of horse hair ribbons each hair bundle sent to me tells a new, interesting story. An emotional meaning of these jewelleries for those who wear them means a world to me. I feel honored to be able to create somethig so meaningful for them, items which will be some of the most valuable pieces in their jewellery box.  

But I also feel humble and greatful to receive honor from professional goldsmiths though I can’t make goldsmith work myself. The fact that jewelleries designed by me will be in a permanent collection in the only museum of the northern countries  specialized in watches and jewelleries is a great honor to me.”

In the museum’s jewellery collection there are now the bracelet Naomi and the ring Tuum.

horsehair bracelet jouhirannekoru schweifhaararmband

"For the museum collection I chose the bracelet Naomi for two reasons: in its wide ribbon sophisticated patterns and colors are distinctly to be seen, and the plain design of the bracelet underscores its most important element, a miniature textile woven with horsehair. When I wear a piece of my jewellery, it’s Naomi."

sieraden van paardenhaar bijoux en crin cheval

”The ring Tuum was chosen by the same reasons as the bracelet Naomi. In this ring its distinct construction is clearly to be seen and Tuum is actually a basis of all the other rings in the collection.”

If you already have a piece of nannasalmi horsehair jewellery or you are planning to have one you know that it’s not just any jewellery. The ribbon is for you the most valuable part of it, but your jewellery is also much appreciated design which you can wear with love and joy your whole life.

And we assume that they are the first and only modern horsehair jewelleries in the collections of any museum...

See the whole collection and choose your own favourite one here:

nannasalmi horsehairjewellery shop

14 Aug 2021

Horseshoe - A Good Luck Charm, But Why?

Did you know...

...that an early form of hoof protection was seen in ancient Asia, where horses' hooves were wrapped in rawhide, leather or other materials for both therapeutic purposes and protection from wear.

...that the Romans appeared to have attempted to protect their horses' feet with a strap-on, solid-bottomed "hipposandal" that has a slight resemblance to the modern hoof boot.

...that in 1897 four bronze horse shoes with what are apparently nail holes were found in an Etruscan tomb dated around 400 B.C

...that around 1000 AD, cast bronze horseshoes with nail holes became common in Europe. Common was a design with a scalloped outer rim and six nail holes.

Source Wikipedia

From these it has been a long way to the modern horseshoe. Nowadays horseshoes are available in a wide variety of materials, but also styles, developed for different types of horse and for the work they do.

Horseshoes have traditionally been common lucky charms. You can often see them hanging over the entrance of a home. Horseshoes are thought to bring good luck and protection over the centuries. But why people around the world believe in the luck of the humble horseshoe?

"In the Irish story of the blacksmith and the devil, one day a blacksmith was working hard in his shop forging horseshoes. Suddenly, the devil appeared and demanded his own shoes. The blacksmith, recognizing the devil, took a burning hot shoe and nailed it deep into the devil's hooves. After walking away, the devil was in such excruciating pain, he ripped the horseshoes off and swore he would never go near one again. Thus, the tradition of hanging a horseshoe over the entrance of a house to ward off evil spirits was born."

"Another story has more to do with the metal in the horseshoes. Early Western Europeans believed that iron had magical powers. Iron could drive away evil, and folklore of the time told of many malevolent fairies and mystical creatures. Since horseshoes were made of iron, they kept the badly behaving fairies away. Other legends said that witches were so afraid of iron horseshoes, they traveled on broomsticks instead of on horseback."

Source: people.howstuffworks.com

Horseshoes, like many other goods in our daily use, include both: practicality and beauty. Sometimes we just forget about the beauty of them. In a jewellery, the functional beauty can be very delicate, and can you imagine a better good luck charm for yourself than a ring, bracelet, necklace, tiebar or a plastron needle with your own horse´s tail hair? We bet you can´t!

Ring Artema Star. Also available without stones.

In the nannasalmi collection you find many designs with a horseshoe.
Which one would be your favourite lucky charm?

Bracelet Shoe-shoe, ribbon 6 mm

Bracelet Cedric, ribbon 9 mm

Equestrian necklace

Necklace Salinero, ribbon 6 mm

An "everyday good" can become something special. Something fine that brings you good
luck and gives you the possibility to have your horse near you, every day.

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