13 Dec 2018

DIY Equestrian Christmas Decoration

Tail hair is beautiful material. 
This year Nanna made some Christmas decorations with horse hair.
It´s easy to make your own, try!

All you need is some tailhair, glass beads, glue and
ribbon of your choice.

The diameter of the circle is 5 cm. For this size you would need
hair strands ca. 20 cm long. There are 35 hair strands.

Pull hair off rather than cut. You can also collect hair strands when grooming
the tail. You will be surprised how small bundle 35 hair strands is!

Thread the beads to hair strands and use a little drop of glue
to keep them in place.

                             "They sparkle beautifully in the
                                                         candle light!"

Tie hair strands together with the chosen ribbon.

Use the colors of your Christmas on the beads and ribbons.

Have a lovely Christmas time!

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18 Jun 2018

Midsummer Magic

You can always try these... And if you want to make a wish, instead of
"husband" you can wish for a horse - or at least a little pony...

Roll around naked in a wheat field and your future husband will appear in your life
within a year. If you wish to become more beautiful, do it when there´s morning dew...
You can collect dew in cloths and press it into bottles for the year to come.

          "But is there anything - or anybody - better
                                 than a loyal, beloved horse?"

Look for a four-leafed clover from the yard in the evening. Hide it under your shirt,
next to your bosom. By the midnight, let your hair loose and run to the field. Walk
around the field three times. When the person you love will eat bread made out of the
wheat from that specific field, he will fall in love with you.

Collect eight different flowers or herbs. Hideout the bouquet underneath your pillow. 
You will see “the one” in your dream.

Dandelions, daisies and buttercups

In the night, climb up somewhere high – on a hill, on top of a fell or a big rock. Your
future husband will come from the same direction as the first sound of the morning.
If you hear music, it means an approaching wedding.
If you hear a child crying, it is a sign of birth.

                               The mist of the nightless night

Midsummer, the magical time of the midnight sun and meadow flowers.

For these photos we thank Jessica and her beautiful Finnhorses. We think that
in these photos she has beautifully captured the spirit of the midsummer night and
the nature of a Finnhorse, our national treasure.

We wish you all a happy Midsummer Eve!

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19 May 2018

Sleepover at the Stables

Sometimes it would be nice to stay over night at the stables,
especially if a foal is expected!

Make yourself comfortable in hay, have a good friend along...
But which are the necessities for a long night? 

If you choose pure wool or cashmere you will have a blanket for the rest of your life.
When choosing high quality and timeless patterns you will have a blanket to take 
with you where ever you might need some extra warmth!

Photos and Blankets from Burberry

Oil lamps or candles are the most ambient, but they would
be an extremely dangerous combination with hay.

LED lantern is a safe choice!
This one by Winsome House you can find in a webshop

Tea or coffe with caffeine keep you awake and a good thermo flask
 keeps them warm. Which would be your favourite one?

Below right: Chinese thermo flasks, Alfi Albergo in the middle and
on the left a steel bottle  from airam.fi   

 Food. A lots of food.

The baits are usually the best part of the picnics and sleepovers. Make delicious 
sandwhiches, take nuts and fruits along, not forgetting fresh water. They will keep 
you going all night long. And to avoid the damage the mice might do, 
pack your bait in a basket! This traditional ‘Devon Maund’ picnic hamper is  
handwoven by master basket-weaver Hilary Burns using Devon willow and hazel. 
You´ll find it here: www.thenewcraftsmen.com

For music and a weather forecast - a radio!
Digital Radio Ruark R1 was chosen as a most beautiful radio in the world 
by some magazine. And that´s true, it is very beautiful! 

The radio link will take you to the pages of  a German webshop "Manufactum".
If you prefere classic stuff and high quality, that is your place to shop,
There you find everything from toothbrushes to garden furniture in 
the best possible style and quality.

And here is also something in the best possible style and quality:

Photo Hilary Halliwell

After all-night vigil and excitement it´s time to celebrate new life!
Could you do it any better way than having a glass of champagne with 
hand made truffels? 

This cool horse bit cooler is from The Longest Stay Ltd and
if you wish to make the truffels by yourself, you fnd a recipe from 

For the proud mother, of course,  a special treat.

We wish you all a succesfull foaling time and many happy
moments with the newcomers.

P.S. When the tailhair of your foal is long enough, you can have some of it 
woven into one ribbon with it´s mother ´s (and/or father´s) and have a beautiful
keepsake for ever.

Ring Amate in silver, gold or white gold
hand woven ribbon 3 mm
- Hand crafted in Finland, custom made for You -

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9 May 2018

Equestrian Summer Wedding Top 3 Tips

Planning a summer wedding?
Here the top 3 tips for a perfect day:

1. Get the right kind of a foot wear for an outdoor wedding.

2. Find yourself the most wonderful and reliable bridesmaids.

3. Get yourselves the most beautiful wedding bands with a woven ribbon
made of your bridesmaid´s tail hair.

the original collection by nannasalmi since 1990

Number 4 could have been: Choose your future husband carefully,
pick the perfect one and live happily ever after, but we know, you did already...

Photo Lukas Navickas/Pexels

We wish all the brides and grooms joyful weddings and 
many happy years together!

Photo by Blueridgefloral

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18 Apr 2018

About the Rings Cavaletti and Cavaletti Star

the original collection by nannasalmi since 1990

Cavalettialso spelled cavalletti,  cavaletto (Italian: "little horse") are small jumps, 
originally made of wood, used for basic horse training. Most consist of rails that 
are about 4 inches (10 cm) wide, and 10 feet (3.0 m) long. The rails are inserted 
into fixed standards, usually made in an "X" shape, that commonly are designed 
to be placed at one of three preset heights ranging from a few inches off the 
ground to a maximum of about 18 to 24 inches (46 to 61 cm).  

"Do you have something for show jumpers?"

When thinking of what special we could offer the show jumpers, Nanna went through all the jumps thinking, how to stylize a motive inspired by them and turn it into a great looking, but not so obvious embellishment for a ring that suit both, men and women.

At last, but not least, she thought about cavaletti. Everybody has started with them, and everybody, no matter if a hobby rider or a world champion, keeps working with them from time to time.

sieraaden van paardenhaar  pferdehaarschmuck horsehairjewellery jouhikoru

Woven ribbon 'road'

sieraaden van paardenhaar  pferdehaarschmuck horsehairjewellery jouhikoru

Woven ribbon 'solid'

sieraaden van paardenhaar  pferdehaarschmuck horsehairjewellery jouhikoru

Woven ribbon 'custom'

The hand woven tail hair ribbon is 6 mm wide and the total
width of the ring is 8.8 mm. Looks great on men as well!

With the stones the ring is called Cavaletti Star.

sieraaden van paardenhaar  pferdehaarschmuck horsehairjewellery jouhikoru

Woven ribbon 'arrow head'

sieraaden van paardenhaar  pferdehaarschmuck horsehairjewellery jouhikoru

Woven ribbon 'flash'

This beautiful ring is available in solid silver (with Swarovskie cb`s), in solid gold 
or white gold (with diamonds).

In the pictures you can clearly see how high edges protect ribbon from hits and 
mechanical stress, metal plate shelters ribbon on palm side.
Inside surface is convex, that makes the ring more comfortable to wear.

Our whole, wide range of rings you´ll find here:

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28 Mar 2018

First Riding Lesson

It´s always a bit exciting. Christmas, I mean!
You never know what Santa will bring you... Sometimes he brings you
a riding lesson!

Nanna´s granddaughter, Neela, got lucky by the Christmas time: 
she received a voucher of two riding lessons. 

                                  Clean white snow

In Finland most riding schools and stables are located in the countryside.
It´s good: no cars, peaceful, forests and fields to ride. A bit negative part is,
that you always need a car (or/and a chauffeur in some cases) to get there.

"Hello, there and welcome!"

Happy horses

Like  a real horseman she started her lesson from the scratch;
grooming and saddling are very important skills and help to
understand more about the horses and riding. It´s not just a holiday!

"OMG! She´s big! Or actually - quite small and sweet..."

"I just hope she is going to stand still!"

"Good girl... I have to stand on my toes! A lot to brush..."

"So many straps and buckles... How will anyone ever learn this?
I don´t need any help, I´m strong enough!"

"The last ones... Here we go..."

It was a pretty cold February afternoon, but the back of the horse
was warm and there were plenty of other things to think about than
cold and frost.

"I want to do this again!"
She was smiling all the way home...

At the moment Neela is staying Spain and continues her new hobby there.
When the summer comes, she will ride in Finland again. 

the riginal collection since 1990

Bracelet Neela is named after this sweet girl.

Wish to have one?
Please, send an email! Enquieries and orders

6 Jan 2018

Anton is gone...

He touched the hearts of those who got to know him....
He had great admirers around the world through the social media.

Everybody with the interest in Friesians knows him.
And he will live on.

Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss, family Kelnhofer and Team Fenway.

This is how we wish to remember him, Anton 343 Sport Preferent
photo credit: Gabriele Boiselle

Nanna Salmi had a great privilege to work with Anton´s tail hair.
This bracelet Scirocco was made with his hair for an auction.

the original collection by nannasalmi since 1990

Anton was born on 18.6.1992. 
He reached the high age of 25 and was awarded with the predicates 
'Sport' and 'Preferent'. 

Those are  great achievements, but we believe his greatest achievement 
was just to exist and be what he was.

If you wish to have this beautiful bracelet Scirocco (ribbon 9 mm) made of
your own horse´s tail hair, please, contact us!

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Sport Predicate
The Sport Predicate can be awarded to mares, gelding, and stallions that achieve good results in competitive sport. The Sport predicate can only be obtained based on results achieved at shows registered with the " United States Equestrian Federation, United States Dressage Federation, American Driving Society" or "Koninklijke Nederlands Hippische Sportfederatie”/Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS). The scores registered with USEF, USDF, ADS, or KNHS determine qualification for the Sport predicate.

Preferent for Stallions
The Preferent predicate can be awarded to stallions that have a lasting, special influence on the breed. For consideration for Preferent the quality of the offspring will be tested for the breeding-goal characteristics. The lasting value of a stallion is evaluated based on the offspring produced that have determining roles in the breeding of Friesian horses such as Preferent mares, stallion dams and (based on offspring) approved sons.