6 Apr 2015

Wedding with the Friesian Twist

If you think about the perfect wedding what would it take?

Of course your beloved one... Family and friends, beautiful location, good food, champagne... And horses! Horses and carriage would give the day the finishing touch!

If you are located in UK Cumbria, the Lake District, Yorkshire, the Fylde, the Borders & Dumfries, Cheshire or other parts of the Northern England, here is a perfect solution for you!

Black Horses provide a bespoke Horse Drawn Carriage. Their beautiful, magnificent Friesian Horses are trained to the highest standards to ensure they carry out their work with enthusiasm and elegance.

Put them in front of one of elegant, hand crafted carriages and you will not fail to be impressed. One driver and two grooms provide a support car to travel discreetly in front or behind the carriage to ensure a safe route between venues. Can you imagine anything more sophisticated and fun?

Absolutely beautiful and chic, isn´t it? 

Can you think about anything more romantic?

Everybody will enjoy the horses!

You would get some very nice photos, too!

There is one more thing that would make a horse loving couple´s day even better, if possible!
How would you feel wearing a horsehair ring as a wedding band or an engagement ring?

Collect some hair of you dearest horse/horses and have them woven into a smooth, beautiful
ribbon and have all your beloved once with you - all the time...

But back to Cartmel and the balck beauties!

Greenbank Farm is dating back to the 17th century and is literally built into the fellside and commands spectacular views of Cartmel village and the Priory. The farm has been owned by the family for over 100 years but was run by a tenant as a beef and dairy farm until 2006.

The black giants are available for any special occasions, not only weddings. How would you feel about suprising your loved one with a proposal of marriage on a champagne carriage ride? Or, you might have a special anniversary to celebrate or simply want to say ‘I love you’!

It all does not have to be about romance, perhaps you just love the Friesians?
In that case there is an exciting opportunity for Friesian lovers to get hands on experience
of what it's like to ride and / or drive top quality Friesians - you choose! You can also gift an experience.

Greenbank Farm Stud boasts 75 acres of land located just a mile from the beautiful picturesque village of Cartmel in the Lake District.

This location caters to the fine up bringing of horses and offers the opportunity of a lifetime for visitors to enjoy touring the local area too. 


Aren´t they handsome?

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Most of these pictures are taken by Sandy Kitching.
From the web page theearlybirddesign.com you´ll find more fascinating pictures:
horses, cats, dogs etc. and read about her work. 

We want to wish all the happy couples a perfect wedding day this spring and
summer - with or without the horses...

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