21 Apr 2015

Hautvillers - Heart of Champagne (two horses!)

photos Nanna Salmi

On our third day we visited the small village Hautvillers.

Hautvillers is where it all started by Dom Pérignon (1639-1715).
He was the cellar master at the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers and started developing the clear, bubbly, cork-popping champagne. He didn't “invent” champagne, but he had a very important role in developing the champagne method. The double-fermented sparkling wine drew also from the expertise and experimentation of other cellar masters at the time. Dom Pérignon is buried in the Abbey.

Hautvillers streets and alleys are narrow and on the house walls you can see wrought iron signs
telling what is undertaken behind the closed doors.

A unique panorama over the Marne Valley and surrounding vineyards.

By the way - can you guess how much a hectare (10,000 m²) of wine field costs 
in Champagne?

It costs 1 000 000 €. A valuable view! 

On our quick visit we found this idyllic, little guest house in the middle of the village, 
B&B La Chevalée, where we had a short sit down on the terrace and a glass of champagne.

Here they had horses! Horses had their lunchtime.

Unfortunately there was no time to get on the back of the horses, 
but we can imagine how it would be to ride through the wineyards and enjoy the incredible views... 

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Hautvillers - we will be back. On horseback...

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