20 Apr 2015

Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of nannasalmi in Champagne

If you wish to celebrate something - a wedding day, a birthday, a retirement or any anniversary - one of the best ways to do it is to have a glass of champagne. Where would it taste best? Of course in Champagne

Just get on the plane, fly to Paris and drive to Reims... That´s what we did! 

Photos by Nanna Salmi

April is a good time to visit Champagne: it is pretty warm but not too hot, the springtime blooming has started, trees are getting green and there are not too many tourists around.

Reims is a beautiful, historical city, the capital of the region Champagne. The kings were
crowned in Reims and that has a special contribution to the reputation of the city and the wines of the area.

In the area of Reims there are ca. 300 000 inhabitants and most of them work directly or
indirectly in the champagne industry. There are 11 big and famous champagne houses, tens of champagne boutiques, and tens of restaurants and bras series that have built their menus around this noble drink.

It is not possible to visit all the champagne houses as an ordinary tourist. That´s why we travelled with the Wineserver -club. In most of the houses the bookings for the visits and tastings must be done in advance. Now we didn't have to worry any of that, just enjoy.

We started the tastings in the house of Taittinger. Taittinger was established in 1734. That time wines were quite different from today. Modern times started in 1932 when Pierre Taittinger started developing the house with all his energy and passion. The house was sold in between but in 2006 Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger bought it back to the family. He continues the work with his team, son and daughter.

The Taittinger champagnes are based on the grape Chardonnay and they are very living, 
glamorous and delicious. In the decoration of the reception and the 
tasting room you can see a touch of art deco.

The second tasting of the day was at G.H. Mumm

The House G.H. Mumm was founded in 1827 by three brothers, Jacobus, Gottlieb and Phillip Mumm, German winemakers from the Rhine valley and G. Heuser and Friedrich Giesler as P. A. Mumm Giesler et Co. 

P.A. stood for the initials of Mumm senior (Peter Arnold Mumm),
a successful wine merchant from Solingen.

Down to the caves... 

G.H. Mumm is an official sponsor of F1 racing since 2013 and provides the champagne bottles for the podium celebrations after each race. The bottles are stored in these caves and they are delivered to their destination just before the race. 

Tasting room was very light and modern. The back wall was decorated with the bottles of 
still wines. We got to taste five quality champagnes of G.H. Mumm.
The best was yet to come! Each one of us got a bottle of Cuveé R. Lalou 1999 to take 
back home. If you ever get to try that champagne, we hope you enjoy it's 
masculine and elegant taste.

Thomas Lignier hosted the tasting. 

We want to thank both houses for the hospitality and a great visit in the house and caves. 

To be continued. Next time Bollinger, Ayala and Deutz in Aÿ... 

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