23 Apr 2015

Last, but not least - Veuve Clicquot

Visiting Veuve Clicquot

photos Nanna Salmi

Like said before, each Champagne House is different. Veuve Clicquot defenately gave
a visual experience. What was most impressive?

Was it their signature colour orange? Was it the beautiful, well cared garden? Or was it the lighting in caves? Or the glossy, white ceiling in the boutique? Probably all of them...

The old and modern, pale and bright - there they are, nicely together.

There was a small wine yard where the different types of cutting different vines was shown. 
Grapevine buds were just about to open.

Going down to the caves usually isn´t that interesting: stairs, stairs, stairs. By Veuve Clicquot 
it was like an adventure! The chalk rock walls are beautiful just as they are but here 
the structure, all the marks of chisels from the way back, were lighted quite an impressive way.

What a night club that would be!

There it is, a lonely bottle of champagne, that sunk with Vrouw Maria on October 9, 1771. Vrouw Maria was a Dutch wooden two-masted merchant ship carrying a valuable cargo of art objects and champagne to Catherine the Great of Russia. The ship sank in the outer archipelago of
the municipality of Nagu, Finland. 

In 1999 the ship was discovered by the Finnish divers. 
Read more about Vrouw Maria

The wine masters got an idea! Read 

Back in light! Veuve Clicquot has a champagne boutique where you can shop "necessities" 
like towels, umbrellas, books, biscuits, chocolate and, of course, champagne. 

Veuve Clicquot offered something very special at the tasting, too. We had a great honour to have Cyril Brun, the Senior Winemaker as a host. He offered us a rare possibility to taste the still wines from which the blends are made from.

After that we tasted the ready blend and finally the version with bubbles but still going down to the cellar for four more years. 

This champagne will be available in 2019. Exciting!

Thank you, Veuve Clicquot, for enertaining and educating us! 

So, so much for champagne. For now. 
Thank you foir joining us on this interesting, entertaining and 
delicious journey. 

We continue celebrating the 15th anniversary of the 
nannasalmi collection - but how? 
Will be seen... 

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