22 Nov 2019

About the Ring Amate

The ring Amate is actually the basis of the whole ring collection.
It´s simple, slender and shows the horse hair ribbon beautifully.

Ribbon style 'mountain peak'

In the ring Amate the ribbon is 3 mm wide, the total width
of the ring is 5.8 mm.

If your horse´s tail is monochrome, it doesn´t matter:
Horse hair is dim shiny like linen or silk; it looks beautiful.

   "It´s just perfect... Like my horse!"

Ribbon style 'solid', black

Amate, simple and slender 

Ribbon style 'solid', white

 Depending on the colors you find in your horse´s tail and the
ribbon style you choose, it always looks different and unique.

Ribbon style 'road'

The ring Amate is available in silver, gold and white gold.

In the picture below you can see that the inner side of the ring
is slightly convex. That makes it more comfortable to wear. High
edges protect the most valuable part - the ribbon.

Ribbon style 'arrow head'

If you wish to wear the ring daily we recommend gold or white gold.
Silver is soft and gets easily worn out in daily use.

 Ribbon style 'arrow head'

          "I wear mine every day."

Wedding bands in gold

For bigger hands we have the ring "Tuum". It´s similar to the
ring Amate but wider.

If you wish to see all the ring designs or order one (or two!),
please, visit our website.

We know what your horse means to you. Our goal is to make you
a lasting and meaningful keepsake which you can carry
with you for years to come.

photo source pxhere.com

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