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11 Nov 2015

FAQ: Why are the Originals more expensive than the Copies?

In one sentence:
It does not make any sense to sell copies that cost the same, or more, than the original ones.

When somebody creates something new, good, meaningful and special it is only 
a matter of time when somebody comes, copies the idea and product and starts to sell it. 
A designer handbag copies are a good example of the whole industry based on 
taking advantage on somebody else´s work.

How is it possible to sell similar kind of products so much cheaper?
There are many things that make it possible:

To create something new, special and unique you need creativity, new kind of thinking, initiativity, courage and belief on your product or idea. The creator has usually worked for a long time with something similar that has sustained the new ideas.  Read More here: What does it take to create something special?

Copycats don´t need these qualities or experience: using somebody else´s idea does not take creativity - it takes something else, you name it...

An idea is not a ready product yet. It takes time and effort to refine it, it might be a process of years. Many things have to be considered and thought about, problems solved, techniques tried. Other people´s skills and know-how might also be needed. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right cooperators and  they get paid for their work and knowledge. Usually making prototypes is necessary. That is rather expensive because the prototypes are often made by hand or with techniques that are far more expensive than the final producing process.

Copycats don´t have to worry or spend their money and time on these kind of things. That work and investment is already done by somebody else. Their "prototype" is a ready product made by somebody else.

After having a final product there is marketing to do. Nobody knows the product yet, it´s something new. Branding takes time - and yes - money. A brand is a combination of name (trademark), conspicuousness and reputation. A brand is not created over night, it´s not created only with money, and a reputation is something that only customers can give to you.

Copycats have a ready market and demand. A copycat often chooses a brand name similar to the original one and gets the benefits of a good reputation for free, without own achievements or effort. The saddest part of this is, that a copycat can ruin the reputation of the original ones.

Also to consider:
-Copies are often made by cheaper labor.
-Materials are usually not equal comparing to original ones. Have you ever seen a copy with better quality than the original one?
-Many of these copying companies are rather young and short-lived.
-You don´t get to see faces behind products. Sometimes it is even impossible to contact the company especially when it comes to a reclamation.

When you buy a product - a handbag, sunglasses, a scarf, furniture - what ever - 
you always have a chance to think about the ethics of your choice. 

FAQ: Why the nannasalmi jewelries are more expensive than other woven horsehair jewelries?

There are many kinds of horsehair jewelries on a market. nannasalmi horsehair jewelries are woven, not braided or pleated. The technique takes much longer time but the result is more durable and it has a special look. Horsehair is not an easy material, there are different qualities of woven
ribbons on a market.

In this picture you can see the quality of  a weave made by Nanna Salmi
Bracelet Scirocco

In nannasalmi jewelries only the best materials are used. Metals and stones are first class quality.

tailhair horsehair diamonds
Ring Cassiopeia has got 54 first class stones on it

Our cooperators are highly respected professionals and they get paid like the high professionals should be paid. We can trust their own standards and quality. Each piece of nannasalmi horsehair jewelry is both hallmarked and labeled with Nanna Salmi's personal mark NSD.

You can see our cooperators  HERE

the original collection by nanna salmi
When you wear a golden ring Carus, you wear ca. 13 g of gold 

After having a great idea and a ready product comes the tough part: you have to find your clients and sell the product. We are fortunate to have reliable, respected and reputable agents. They make it possible the collection to be seen in equestrian events and they help us to serve our customers better. 
Sales persons are the key persons for the company and they deserve to be rewarded, too.
You find our agents here: Authorized agents

nannasalmi horsehair jewelries have been on the market for fifteen years.
We know we have happy customers all over the world. 

See some of our customers in FB album

Nanna Salmi is the woman behind this wonderful, unique collection. 
It all started from a genuine love for horses.

nanna salmi riding

We want to thank you for choosing the original product.
We know how much these items mean to their owners and we have a great respect for that.

If you have any questions about Nanna Salmi, the brand, the products or
anything else related to this subject, please, leave a comment.

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  1. omg... I´m counting 1 + 1... Am I liking the wrong Facebook page? The one that has existed for years and was called nannasalmi???? I thought you have changed the company name... :/ !!

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your comment. You are counting right - and you are not the only one being confused, sorry about that. The company has not changed the name, the FB page was overtaken by an ex cooperator who changed the name of the page and got all the nannasalmi likers for himself. They are even using nannasalmi customers as their reference. Unfortunately there is not much to do about but spread the word... We are really sorry about this confusion.

    2. Thank god! I have heard some gossips, not too flattering, about the company and was sad when I thought it´s you.


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