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5 Oct 2015

Bracelets Shoe-shoe and Cedric

The first bracelet Nanna Salmi designed was 'Mistral', the one with the bits. 
But one bracelet is not a collection, a new one was needed... 
It was quite obvious: a bracelet with a horse shoe.

Nanna went to the stables and looked for horse shoe that she could use as a model. 
She found a little pony shoe, took it to the studio and started
sketching the design. She didn´t want it to be quite realistic
but a little bit stylised. She still has got the pony shoe.

horse shoe tail hair salmi horsehairjewellery

Usually the process is much longer, but this time only two prototypes had to be made: 
already the second one was perfect.

horsehair bracelet nanna salmi

salmi pferdehaarschmuck

horsehair bracelet salmi woven

'Shoe-shoe' is one of the most popular designs, especially in Ireland.
A golden 'Shoe-shoe' was the first item Nanna Salmi had made for herself.
Yes, it was made with her mare´s tail hair and she still has got it after
more than fifteen years.

'Cedric' is a version of the 'Shoe-shoe'. In 'Shoe-shoe' the ribbon is 6 mm, 
In 'Cedric' 9 mm. 

jouhikoru salmi nannasalmi

jouhikoru rannekoru salmi nannasalmi

We think that one reason why 'Shoe-shoe' and 'Cedric' are so popular
is that they are not so obviously "horsey".
These bracelets look elegant and timeless. A young girl can wear
them as well as an adult woman. They look great with jeans and blouse 
as well as with a classic tweed or leather jacket. 

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