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20 Jan 2017

Wide Rings Saudia, Leyla and Marieke

 In the collection there are these three beautiful rings with
the 6 mm woven ribbon. Total width of the rings is 8.8 mm.
Ring Saudia suits men, too.

The rings are convex inside. That makes them very
comfortable to wear although they are very massive. In the
picture below you can see engraving made on Saudia.

The woven ribbon is much more durable than pleated ribbons.
There is no loose hair and the surface is smooth and tight.

We know that the ribbon woven of your own
horse's hair is the most valuable part of these items.
That´s why we have done our best to protect it:

High edges protect the ribbon against the mechanical stress 
and hits. On the palm side the ribbon is sheltered with metal as seen 
in the picture below. If something should happen to the ribbon
it can be changed. You can wear them daily.

Ring 'Leyla' is a version of  'Saudia' with one stone on it. All these
rings are available in sizes 15 -21 mm. For weaving the ribbon
we would need 40 hair strands at least 50 cm long.

Which metal you prefer? If silver, the stones are Svarowski cubic
zirkonias (clear, pink or light blue). If it´s gold or white gold you
get the girl's (second) best friends - diamonds. In the ring 
'Marieke' there are three of them.

If you wish to order one we recommend you to visit a local
jeweler and have your size checked. Try on very thick and massive
ones. The right size is very important as it can´t be changed
afterwords because of the ribbon and the structure of the ring.

The prices you find on these web sites:

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