12 Jan 2017

Horse Hair Bracelet 'Mistral'

The bracelet 'Mistral' is one of the earliest and most 
popular designs of the original nannasalmi collection. 
No wonder, it´s stunning!

ribbon 'check'
The woven tail hair ribbon is 6 mm wide
and it looks good on every wrist.

ribbon 'custom'
The details are incredible; the bit even moves 
like a real one!

ribbon 'tweed'
'Mistral' is available in silver, gold and white gold.
Which metal you prefer?

ribbon 'tweed'
Depending on the color of your horse´s tail hair
the ribbons always look different. 
You find the different ribbon styles here: 

For this bracelet we would need 80 hair at least 70 cm ( 28 '') long.

Get inspired on the page
and try to imagine how 'Mistral' would
look like made with your horse´s hair!

If you have any questions or wish to place an order,
contact us! Find your nearest agent here:

Bracelet 'Mistral' and all the other items of the nannasalmi collection
are hand crafted and custom made in Finland by the best professionals. 

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