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17 Jan 2017

Horse Hair Bracelet 'Scirocco'

'Scirocco' is a wider version of the bracelet 'Mistral'.

ribbon 'brook'

The woven ribbon is 9 mm wide and we think
this suits men as well!

ribbon 'arrow head'

'Scirocco' is available in silver, gold and white gold. The woven
ribbon is made of your own horse´s tail hair. If you have a few,
no problem! All your horses can be woven into one ribbon.

ribbon 'solid'

Please, pay attention on the weave: it´s very tight, smooth and even.
That is one of the great differences between these 
original items and the copied ones.

ribbon 'custom road'

For this bracelet we would need 120 hair at least 70 cm ( 28 '') long.
How the ribbon will look like in the end depends on the color
of your own horse´s tail hair. 

To help you and your imagination we have created this page

The different ribbon styles you find here

Otto, Danish-Swedish Farm Dog

If you have any questions or wish to place an order,
contact us! Find your nearest agent here:

Bracelet 'Mistral' and all the other items of the nannasalmi collection
are hand crafted and custom made in Finland by the best professionals. 

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