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9 Jul 2015

Since I was a small girl...

...I have always loved horses.

My dream finally came true 11 yrs ago when I brought home my first Mare. She came from
an Auction, her owners were selling her because she was accidentally bred. I was in heaven..
A 2 for 1 deal even!!

She didn't come with a name. So after some thought I named her Sierra. In the months that
 followed Sierra and I bonded, I spent many hours sitting with her in the barn or out
in the pasture, Just being with her was a kind of therapy, the peace I feel
when cuddling my girl is hard to explain.

I brought her home in November, she gave Birth to a pretty Colt the Following April.
He is now a beautiful 10 yr old gelding, His name is Chase and he has a long story
of his own.

There is nothing overly special about my little horse, but to me she is
extraordinary and irreplaceable! I will love her forever and always!

Recently a friend convinced me to have some pictures taken with my girl Sierra,
memories to keep close to my heart. This is one of the pictures.

Amanda Budny, USA

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