30 Dec 2020

You just know it´s yours - Nancy and Dior.

In the beginning of November we published this photo collage on our Facebook page and Instagram. Soon there was a comment from Nancy.

 "Is it true that I recognize Dior´s grey hair on the ring Leyla?"
Yes, it was true!

In 2015 Nancy won ring Leyla in our raffle. Her late horse Dior had a few grey hair in black tail and she wished that one of them would be woven in the black ribbon. There it is!

Your horse is unique, so is the piece of jewellery we create for you using

your horse´s tail hair in the weave. Each woven tail hair ribbon looks individual

depending on the colour of hair we receive.

Dior 1.1.1985 - 8.10.2017

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