26 Oct 2020

Brooche Cassandra - for everyday use


Your favourite place to be might be the saddle, but now and again you have to leave the stables and your horse behind you. Brooche Cassandra, ribbon woven of your own horse´s tail hair, you can wear all the time, everyday, anywhere.

Day in the office.

Sometimes more official.

After work

Spice up your coctail dress!

Use Cassandra with your silks and velvets.

Cassandra looks beautiful on your knitwear.

It goes even with your jeans outfit.

No matter what the occasion is, you can have a part of your horse with you. Cassandra can be used as a plastron needle, too.

Brooche Cassandra is easy to give as a gift:
You don´t have to know the exact size like when ordering rings or bracelets, It´s also perfect for a young girl as well as for a grown up woman.

How would your Cassandra look like? It depends on the colors of your horse´s hair strands and which pattern you choose. The ribbon is 6 mm wide and for it we would need 80 hair strands, minimum length 80 cm (32 "). Cassandra is available in silver, gold and white gold.

Wish to have one? Any questions? Please, visit our home page or send an email!


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