13 Jan 2021

Horses by Katriina Viljamaa-Rissanen - movement and light

Horses have been an inspiration for many artists. Katriina Viljamaa-Rissanen is one of them.

Finnhorse by Katriina Viljamaa-Rissanen
Aamu-usva, Morning Mist

"I want to tell what our current Finnish horses are like. All represent one of the four different breeding directions.

For me, photography is the first stage of sketching, I throw myself into the trot of horses. As a rider I experience the pace and feel the movement. I read their facial expressions; intentions and spirits. It's pure joy!

Ear postures, fire in their eyes and vibrating nostrils. Movement and light bring rhythm to my work. I tell about the Finnish horse as an individual, lively and wise."

Finnhorse "Huiske" (Whisk, Swinging)

"I have been with horses all my life. We have had horses for over thirty years and I have had a possibility to observe them on a daily basis, as a rider, owner and artist. The anatomy and movements are familiar and watching them free in orchards and pastures has deepend my vision."

Finnhorse "Jytke" (rhythmic thumping)

Finnhorse foal "Lentäjän Poika" (Aviator´s Son)

"Classical drawing is my thing. Visually I´m interested in movement and light."

Finnhorse foal "Raikuli" (endearment word for a "Wild Boy")

"At first I had just Finnhorses, later, as the riding hobby continued, the half bloods as well.
This is my Coco."

Bracelet Naomi by nannasalmi made of Coco´s tail hair and silver.

Thank you, Nanna! The bracelet is even more lovely than I could ever imagine!

I expected a bit more variation in the tones, but you have found such beautiful striping, it´s like a dream.

And so Coco! Sensibility, intelligence and hardness - it´s all in the pattern. Adorable, loveable challenge as a horse.

Metal parts shimmer like square mirrors. The bracelet lives, shines and flashes and hair shimmers so beautifully in light. The refinement of hair you can´t see in a picture, you have to experience it.

Silver was a right choice. My zodiac is Gemini and air and light are the most important elements for me. Silver is space and freedom. So perfectly well designed, composed and woven. 

Thanks and huggs, Katriina

Nanna´s late jackrussellterriers Pauhu (left) and Hauke by Katriina

Katriina Viljamaa-Rissanen

Graduated from the School of Art and Design in 1968.

Specializes in illustrations.

In recent years, a free artist specializing in horses.

Received several illustration prizes, the most significant being the Finnish State Prize and the Rudolf Koivu Prizes.

Works and lives in Lappeenranta, Finland

The source of the text and photos and more about Katriina on her gallery page: galleryhorses.fi

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