28 Mar 2018

First Riding Lesson

It´s always a bit exciting. Christmas, I mean!
You never know what Santa will bring you... Sometimes he brings you
a riding lesson!

Nanna´s granddaughter, Neela, got lucky by the Christmas time: 
she received a voucher of two riding lessons. 

                                  Clean white snow

In Finland most riding schools and stables are located in the countryside.
It´s good: no cars, peaceful, forests and fields to ride. A bit negative part is,
that you always need a car (or/and a chauffeur in some cases) to get there.

"Hello, there and welcome!"

Happy horses

Like  a real horseman she started her lesson from the scratch;
grooming and saddling are very important skills and help to
understand more about the horses and riding. It´s not just a holiday!

"OMG! She´s big! Or actually - quite small and sweet..."

"I just hope she is going to stand still!"

"Good girl... I have to stand on my toes! A lot to brush..."

"So many straps and buckles... How will anyone ever learn this?
I don´t need any help, I´m strong enough!"

"The last ones... Here we go..."

It was a pretty cold February afternoon, but the back of the horse
was warm and there were plenty of other things to think about than
cold and frost.

"I want to do this again!"
She was smiling all the way home...

At the moment Neela is staying Spain and continues her new hobby there.
When the summer comes, she will ride in Finland again. 

the riginal collection since 1990

Bracelet Neela is named after this sweet girl.

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