13 Dec 2018

DIY Equestrian Christmas Decoration

Tail hair is beautiful material. 
This year Nanna made some Christmas decorations with horse hair.
It´s easy to make your own, try!

All you need is some tailhair, glass beads, glue and
ribbon of your choice.

The diameter of the circle is 5 cm. For this size you would need
hair strands ca. 20 cm long. There are 35 hair strands.

Pull hair off rather than cut. You can also collect hair strands when grooming
the tail. You will be surprised how small bundle 35 hair strands is!

Thread the beads to hair strands and use a little drop of glue
to keep them in place.

                             "They sparkle beautifully in the
                                                         candle light!"

Tie hair strands together with the chosen ribbon.

Use the colors of your Christmas on the beads and ribbons.

Have a lovely Christmas time!

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