6 Jan 2018

Anton is gone...

He touched the hearts of those who got to know him....
He had great admirers around the world through the social media.

Everybody with the interest in Friesians knows him.
And he will live on.

Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss, family Kelnhofer and Team Fenway.

This is how we wish to remember him, Anton 343 Sport Preferent
photo credit: Gabriele Boiselle

Nanna Salmi had a great privilege to work with Anton´s tail hair.
This bracelet Scirocco was made with his hair for an auction.

the original collection by nannasalmi since 1990

Anton was born on 18.6.1992. 
He reached the high age of 25 and was awarded with the predicates 
'Sport' and 'Preferent'. 

Those are  great achievements, but we believe his greatest achievement 
was just to exist and be what he was.

If you wish to have this beautiful bracelet Scirocco (ribbon 9 mm) made of
your own horse´s tail hair, please, contact us!

Orders and enquieries by email

Sport Predicate
The Sport Predicate can be awarded to mares, gelding, and stallions that achieve good results in competitive sport. The Sport predicate can only be obtained based on results achieved at shows registered with the " United States Equestrian Federation, United States Dressage Federation, American Driving Society" or "Koninklijke Nederlands Hippische Sportfederatie”/Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS). The scores registered with USEF, USDF, ADS, or KNHS determine qualification for the Sport predicate.

Preferent for Stallions
The Preferent predicate can be awarded to stallions that have a lasting, special influence on the breed. For consideration for Preferent the quality of the offspring will be tested for the breeding-goal characteristics. The lasting value of a stallion is evaluated based on the offspring produced that have determining roles in the breeding of Friesian horses such as Preferent mares, stallion dams and (based on offspring) approved sons.

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