7 Jan 2016

It´s cold, so cold...

This week has been quite horrible. Weatherwise.
It has been like - 29 °C...! But look at these Finnish horses and ponies!
They have a good furcoat and they seem to enjoy themselves!

Photo © Seija Paananen 2016

Knabstrupper pony, Reeta, loves winter- she just keeps smiling!
If you love ponies you must visit reetuli.blogspot.com
for more winter photos from Seija!

Photo © Petra Kivimaa 2016

They seem to think that - 29 °C is just ridiculous...

Photo © Hille Rutanen 2016

Beauty in winter sun. Islandic mare Rösti.

Photo © Jessica Ruponen 2016

See more absolutely stunning winterphotos from Jessica

Photo © Pia Sillanpää 2016

Central Ostrobothnia, -25,2 °C

In the autumn it was just raining and raining. By the Christmas time the temperature was + 10 °C. Then suddednly, almost over night, it went down 20 degrees to -10 °C and now twenty more to -29 °C. In northern Finland it has been even colder. But - only a few moths and the spring comes!

Thank you, Seija, Petra, Hille, Jessica and Pia, for these 
beautiful winter photos!

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