18 Jan 2016

Finnhorse - Winter Horse

There is always, I mean always, something to complain about the weather.
In summer it is too hot or cold or raining too much. If it´s not raining, it´s 
not raining enough and it is too dry.

Spring does not come quick enough and it´s wet and cloudy. During
the night it gets so cold that in the morning it´s slippery and icy. You don´t
know how to dress up: it´s really, really cold in the morning and during the
day time the sun warms ( = heats) you up.

Autumn sucks as well. It´s dark, cold and wet and everybody is just
waiting for a two weeks holiday in the sun and Christmas and the first snow
that brightens up our lives.

And then - winter. The worst season ever! 
First it does not come in time. The autumns are getting longer and longer,
wetter and wetter and so, so dark. Then when it comes, it comes over night:
we get 20 cm of snow and - 20 C. Who can take that?

Well - a Finnhorse can!

They don´t mind. Winter, ice and snow
seem to be their elements!

We should stop complaining and get dressed! If you can still
move yourself with all that gear, get on the back 
of your horse and enjoy!

We keep forgetting that we should be grateful for the possibility
of various winter sports with horses! We have fields, forests
and frozen lakes to do all kinds of things with them.

Imagine yourself in a snowy, quiet forest on a warm horseback.
If you like speed get on the skis and let the horse and rider pull you!
Take a carriage or the sledge and let the horse enjoy working...

If you want to enjoy winter with horses, welcome to Finland!

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photos Peppi-Emilia Salmi
text mm

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