5 Jan 2016

Best Decision Ever!!

When I found Spencer on January 7, 2011, he was hip# 853 in an auction feed lot. His description said aged TB, rode quietly. He was emaciated (a friend described him as being "a bag of bones"), covered in rain rot and physically didn't look well. When I looked past the need for care, his conformation was great, and he had a beautiful, soft, intelligent eye. So I took a chance...Best Decision Ever!! 

A friend and my husband came with me to pick him up at the auction house, that's when he got his name. My friend walked up and said "Hi Spencer!", it fit, and I kept it. 

Once Spencer was home, we were able to read his tattoo. Turned out he was a 10yr old ex-racehorse, who raced until he was 8yrs old, and earned $388,854 over his career. What ended his career I don't know, nor do I know how he ended up in horrid condition.

Spencer steadily gained weight, his temperament remained steady, and everything about him was brighter. He has a wonderful quiet and kind disposition. He's great around dogs, kids, people, and my (non-horsey) husband can handle him. 

I'm so happy to have Spencer! At the moment we are just trail riding, and figuring out what he would like to do. He is a beautiful mover, likes to work, and I think he'd enjoy showing but that will come. For now trails are a lot of fun.

This is my favorite photo of me and Spencer's Gold. It was taken by my husband a couple of months after we brought Spencer home.

Kirsten Edlund-Tunkel, Millbrook, New York, USA

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