29 Dec 2015

Europa from Brazil

Hi Nanna,

On November 29 we held a retirement ceremony for Europa. She will now be retired at our small farm where she will enjoy a stress-free life!

For the past 23 years she has won more state and national titles than we can remeber and is, until today, the horse who has won most titles in Brazil! I couldn't help but wear my treasured ring as another way of honoring her today and forever....

So here is a photograph for you - thank you for being a part of our story!


We would like to thank Adriana for choosing nannasalmi ring Coco and wish
many happy years for Europa!

Silver - cubic zircons 4 x 2 mm Gold and white gold - diamonds 4 x 0,03ct White gold 2660 € - diamonds 4 x 0,03ct Total width 8,8 mm Ribbon 6 mm Hair strands needed 80 pcs, minimum length 50 cm (20”)

Enquieries and orders by email


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