30 Jun 2015

This Is The Story Of Me And My Horse

2 1/2 years ago, my friend sent me a homepage name, to show me where her horse is from. I looked over the page and went to the side FOR SALE... This single click changed my live.

The first picture on the site showed a beautiful bay QH-Mare with an amazing expression. It was like falling in love at the first sight. But the moment was absolutely wrong.

Months passed away and 1/2 a year later, she was still for sale. My situation had changed a lot, and so I decided to drive 800 km to the Toscany to have a look at her in real. Arrived, it was the same feeling as half a year before...and shortly after, one day after my birthday, Maggie came home to me.

The last two years we have had good but also much bad moments together. At the beginning, she was very difficult to ride, jumpy, afraid of everything and we had a lot of bad luck in health. She always was injured or had some problems. But all this welt us together - in her I found ( in German "Herzenspferd" ) my "Heart-horse", I will never give her away. Even she is injured again at the moment, needs medicine again, we're looking forward to the future ..together we will make it!

From Janine Schwager, Switzerland

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