8 Jun 2015

The Friesian Stallion Nanning 374

One day there was an order from the US. The customer told that they have this beautiful, Friesian stud, Nanning, and they would like to have a keepsake made with Nanning´s hair.

Mr. Kelnhofer went through the collection but could not find anything to suit him - he wished to have a bracelet that would be masculine enough for a man to wear. No problem: a new bracelet was designed and Mr. Kelnhofer was very happy with it. To come up with the name for this new item was not difficult, it got the name "Nanning".

The plate is 10 x 30 mm, it is 3 mm thick, the ribbon is 9 mm broad. The bracelet is available in silver, gold and white gold and the finishing can be glanzed or matt.

Have your horse´s name engraved on it!

Nanning 374 was born 2.5.1996 and his original name is Nillis van´t Sonnis. He lives in the Fenway Farms in Wisconsin, USA. His height is 1,69 m and as you can see, he is absolutely beautiful.

Photo Courtesy of Jason Tice, FHANA

Photo Courtesy of Jason Tice, FHANA

Photo Cally Matherly

Photo Cally Matherly

Photo Cally Matherly

You can read more about Nanning on these web sites: 

Watch a video, see his beautiful movements! 

How happy you can be to get Nanning´s filly? 

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