19 Jun 2015

Midsummer - The Best Time Of The Year!

For many Finnish people Midsummer is the most important and most beloved national holiday. It is a celebration of the summer solstice, it means the beginning of the real, warm summer time, and many Finns start their summer holidays that day.

Today the Finnish cities turn into ghost towns - people leave cities and go the countryside.
We go to the summer cottages, music festivals, open air dance pavillions... Anywhere where we can be near the nature. If the place is next to a lake or sea that is perfect!

Midsummer Eve is time for sociability. We want to have our families and friends with us on that important, magical night!

We eat well and drink well. The first new potatoes with dill and marinated herring or smoked salmon bring the taste of summer in your mouth! Grilling sausages, meat or fish is very popular too. And like all over the world it's men's job.

There are three elements that make the Midsummer Eve perfect: sauna, bonfires and the midnight sun. Though it gets a little dark in southern Finland, the night is still white. In Lapland the sun shines all night through.

If you wish to learn more about Finnish sauna habits, please, go the page 

In the old days, Midsummer spells were cast, many of which had to do with hopes of increasing fertility and finding a future spouse. Perhaps you should try this one:

pick seven different flowers or herbs from the field put them under your pillow - and in your dream you will see your future fiancée...

We wish you all a happy Midsummer Eve! 

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