9 Jul 2015

Strawberry Cake with Flake Oats and Cream

This recipe has been in the family for 23 years. Nanna´s grandson can´t imagine his birthday on 4th of July without it...

Flake Oat - Strawberry Cake  

for 10 persons (or less...)

For the bottom you need:

12 dl  large flake oats
4 tbls wheat flour 
4 ts    baking powder
300 g melted butter
4 eggs
6 dl sugar
  • Mix flakes, wheat flour and baking powder
  • Add 300 g melted butter into the mixture
  • Whisk the eggs and sugar into foam and add carefully into the dough
  • Cover a baking tray (50 cm wide) with baking paper and spread the dough on it
  • Heat the owen up to 200 °C / 392 °F and bake the cake on the lower level for 15 minutes
  • Let the cake cool off well and cut it into halfs
For the topping you need: 
ca. 2 l strawberries 
4 dl double cream whipped into foam
  • Start with the bottom: cover the cake bottom with plenty of whipped cream and strawberries. You can cut these strawberries in halves - the cake keeps up better
  • Put the other bottom on the top of this and cover this one also with whipped cream and strawberries.


Make the cake early enough and keep it in a fridge. It will settle down and get juicy in a few hours.

Make only one cake bottom by halfing the amount of the ingredients and serve it like a pie.

Instead of strawberries you can use rasberries, blueberries, rhubarb or apple jam (not too sweet), flake oat bottom and cream will make it perfect anyway!


And after...

Bon Appetit!

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