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12 Oct 2016

Stirrups - useful and beautiful!

Stirrup is one of the most significant invention in the history of warfare, 
almost as significant as gunpowder. After chariot and saddle it´s the third 
revolutionary step in the range of equestrian equipment. 
It gives a rider a great stability, a rider using stirrups is less likely 
to fall and is more free to use hands.

Stirrups are relatively late invention considering that horses were domesticated in 
approximately 4500 B.C.E. The earliest known saddle-like equipment were 
fringed cloths or pads with breast pads and cruppers used by Assyrian cavalry 
around 700 B.C.E. The earliest manifestation of the stirrup was a toe loop that 
held the big toe and was used in India late in the second century 
B.C.E though may have appeared as early as 500 B.C.E.

- Source Wikipedia -

Lady's Stirrup, late 18th-19th century, Brooklyn Museum

Well, those lady´s stirrups definitely look wonderful, but can´t help
thinking how would they be to handle and clean after some hours riding
on the muddy roads and fields!

A modern stirrup looks very different. It´s simple and practical.
The form is classic and recognizable and very popular in all kind
of equestrian related design: jewellery, textile prints, 
home decoration products etc. 

Of course we wanted to have this beautiful form in the collection, too.
First there were the earrings 'Ibere':

The woven horsehair ribbon, 3 mm wide, is woven 
and the metal parts are made of silver, gold or white gold. 
The height of an earring is ca. 32 mm, width of the stirrup 14 mm.

Some time ago we thought that the earrings need a matching bracelet.
The bracelet is called 'Riamon', the woven ribbon is 6 mm wide, 
 and of course, woven of your own horse´s tail hair.

These jewelleries are perfect for showing your love to your
favorite hobby - and your horse.

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