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14 Oct 2016

Christmas - sooner than you think...

Look around... It is coming and you can 
already see the signs! 
These lights are in our home town Lahti.

Rautatienkadun jouluvalot, Lahti

If you wish to give something very special for Christmas
for your horse loving loved one or a good friend, it´s
about the time to start giving it a serious thought.

The closer the Christmas season comes, the busier is
our goldsmith. You have to be prepared for the six
weeks delivery time...

Bracelet Falcao

"The most meaningful jewellery I ever had - or will have."

Bracelet Naomi

"Every time I looked at it I started crying. I was so happy. That
went on for three days..."

Bracelet Armana and ring Cassiopeia

"Our daughter was the best gift but the ring with my mare´s hair
was the second best. I think I have the most loving and caring
husband in the world. "

What do you think, would these items be the best 
Christmas present ever? 
We bet they would - or any other jewellery from
the original nannasalmi collection made with the receiver´s
own horse´s hair.

Find your agent here:

We wish you all exciting time waiting for Christmas.

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