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6 Apr 2016

The original nannasalmi™ collection

nannasalmi™ collection is a horsehair jewelry collection created from horsehair, 
precious metals and diamonds. Each piece is completely hand-fashioned 
from your own horse’s hair in Finland.

The original collection is not sold under any other trademark or brand.

This unique collection was innovated by Nanna Salmi in 1999. The collection is 
crafted using ancient techniques and materials – woven horsehair and diamonds 
with silver, gold, white gold and platinum – combining old world craftsmanship 
with contemporary modern design. These unique designs have been displayed 

This horsehair jewelry is worn around the world on cross country tracks, 
desert trails and show arenas. Clientele includes little jumper girls, 
Olympic and World champions – along with hunders of riders, 
who love and admire their equine companion.

Thank you for staying with the original collection - collection
inspired by the genuine love for horses...

In the end of April 2016 you can see the collection in 
Horses & Dreams, Hagen am Teutoburger Wald, Germany.

Bracelets Puella and Naomi

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