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26 Apr 2016

Horses and Dreams 2016 Hagen a.T.W. - Building Day

It´s always exciting to go to fairs and Horse shows! This year
we decided to participiate the Horses and Dreams in Germany
- we had heard a lot of good things about this show.

Audience gets to see everything when it´s ready, but of course
a lot of work is done days and months before the actual event.

Our journey started at 4 am on Tuesday morning when we took a bus
from Lahti to Helsinki airport, from their to Düsseldorf by plane and then 
by car to Tecklenburg which is a little village near Hagen a.T.W. where
Horses and Dreams take place.

Hagen a.T.W. is a small village, surrounded by mountains and the event area
is surrounded by country houses. These cows were the first ones to greet us
as we arrived on this misty morning to buil up our stand.

Although the morning was quite misty and freezing, there was 
a promise of sun and a warm weather. 

Horses and Dreams 2016 Deutschland

While waiting for Laura to guide us to our booth, we had a chance
to watch these beautiful horses and skillful riders training. No
competition yet, everybody just being friends!

Horses on their way

We were not alone... So many pagoda tents!

And there it was, our "office" for the next five days

We were located just next to the dressage arena and were able to 
see the warming up arena. "Pretty good" looking horses...

Dubarry was our next door neighbour. Greetings!

How it went on - coming out soon!

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