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11 Sep 2015

She Did It Again - Tracey Venter and her Black Mare

nannasalmi sponsored 
Inspections this year again.

The ring Artema was to be given to the owner of 
the champion mare in Great Britain 2015.

Must say it was not a surprise to learn that Tracey Venter
got a new item to her collection of nannasalmi horsehair jewellery...
Her Friesians are all quite amazing!

This year she earned it with this beautiful mare, Doutzen.

Congratulations Tracey and Doutzen!

"Our 2nd premie Ster and Champion Mare on her way to the highest score (79) 
achieved in an IBOP in the UK to date", Tracey wrote in Facebook.

"She's the third offspring of her Brandus mother (Stam 1) we have worked with. 
The first was Wouter who achieved Ster in 2012, the next was Berber who scored 77.5 
points in the IBOP and gained Kroon and overall champion in 2014. 
This mare was very weak through her back when we bought her over from NL 
and benefited from 2 years running with the herd before I backed 
her as a 5yo last spring. 

She has been a absolute delight to work with and I was delighted my views 
on her ability under saddle were recognized by the inspectors on Monday. 
She is well and truly part of the team here and hopefully I'll find some time 
to compete her for a few years before we choose 
a suitable stallion for her", Tracey writes.

You can read more about Doutzen here:

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Sandy Kitching has taken these pictures of Doutzen. More of her work

Tracey will have the ring Artema woven with Doutzen´s hair.
Look, what she got last year!

Anja - The Black Friesian Beauty

Next year we have to choose the prize carefully - there is a risk
that she wins again, don´t you think? Take a look through the collection 
and make your suggestion for the next year´s prize!

One more time: Congratulations Tracey and Doutzen!

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