19 Oct 2020

Christmas Season 2020

This year has been exceptional, we all know that, and it has effected everybody´s everyday life in one way or another.

Covid 19 has no other effect on our work, but the postal matters seem to run a bit slower than normally.

the original collection by nannasalmi since 2000

To ensure that your Christmas presents reach you in time, we advice you to act soon.

Hair can be sent by post as a package. It would be rather nice for us to receive the tracking code so we can follow the delivery and be sure it hasn´t got lost although it would take a bit longer than normally.

equestrian christmas

To be sure that the ready, valuable and most unique jewellery reaches you, we use courier service.

It is the most safe and reliable way to ship a delivery, especially during the Christmas season when there are a lot of packages travelling around the world. Courier service costs only 50 € (Europe), it´s rather cheap "insurance" for a safe delivery.

If you have any questions or wish to place an order, the easiest way is to send us an email:


Each jewellery has a story, a story of you and your horse.

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