9 Feb 2019

"Diamonds are forever..."

Many of us cut some hair of our horses main or tail to have a hair bundle as a keepsake of our beloved equine company. Long tail hair can be turned into a fine jewellery by nannasalmi, but did you know, that your horse´s hair (or ashes) can be turned into a gemstone, a cremation gemstone, too?
What is a cremation gemstone?
Cremation gemstones can be made of only a few grams of hair or a few hundred grams of ashes. The result is a "memory diamond”.
The body or hair of any living creature contains ca. 18% carbon, whilst diamonds are pure carbon. To turn hair or ashes into a gemstone takes some technology, whereas natural diamonds are minerals that form underground over billions of years.
In the first stage of the process the biogenic material is chemically prepared. The elements are obtained from the biogenic material in question, be it ash or hair. Because these elements vary from horse to horse they represent the uniqueness of every horse. After this the elements are prepared to allow a crystal to grow from them.

                                                   "Looks amazing!"
The gemstone is created in 2000 °C. The extracted elements are integrated into the gemstone's lattice structure. This process takes from 1 to 2 days, depending on its size.
Finally the professional gemstone cutters finish the stone and give raw crystal its shape.

Source and photo Mevisto, Austria

Last fall we received an email from Austria. 
Birgit had had a gemstone made of her late Arabian´s ashes. 

Photo by Birgit Brosenbauer, Foto Brosenbauer

You don´t have to settle for ordinary...

Although the company offered the possibility to have the gemstone setted in an ordinary piece of jewellery, Birgit wished to use the stone in a very special jewellery.
We thought that the idea was fantastic: a gemstone and the ribbon together,
what a touching and wonderful keepsake! 

Custom choker Puella in white gold, ribbon ’hair stripe’, gemstone with a bezel setting. 
Thank you very much, the cooperation was a pleasure for me! Thank you so much for everything."

If you wish to have something like this, please, contact us by email

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