23 Jul 2019

Bracelet Faune For Lucy

Stephanie wanted to give something special for her good friend, Lucy, for her 16th birthday. This is what she wrote us:

"Dear Nanna,

The bracelet arrived safely and is beautiful!I

I have known Lucy for nearly six years now and despite the huge age difference (I am 33!) we are great friends and regularly go riding and to horse shows together. I´m giving her the bracelet for her 16th birthday. 

I have loved your bracelets since I bought one made from my own horse over ten years ago! 
Since receiving the bracelet we have found out  Jester sadly had to be put to sleep as he was taken with grass sickness :(.

Love, Stephanie"

Freddie, Lucy’s first pony. 
As a family favourite he will stay with her until the end of his days.

Lucy’s second horse, Jack, a cheeky fun loving chestnut that sadly lacked the talent to take Lucy further.

Lucy’s third horse Jester. Very talented and the pair was great together, but Lucy needed to progress onto bigger horses.

Lucy’s latest acquisition. They have just started shows together and will be competing at 1.20 m classes this summer.

All these horses, memorable and dear for Lucy,  are now with her every day
in this bracelet Faune woven with the hair strands of them all.

"Hi, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you once again for the beautiful work you did on Lucy's bracelet. She was thrilled to receive it and threatened to cry but came through it with lots of big smiles. Definitely a great memento of her horses past and present. Many Thanks, Steph"

Something special for Lucy

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